fbi attacks by high tech weapons

The photos in the links below tell the story of decades of torture of this Target by fbi and their
DEW/ELF weaponry.
fbi seeks to induce a heart attack.
- Oct.24,2020 diary: Again I collapse near my home from exhaustion & sleep deprivation caused by fbi's DEW/ELF electronic weaponry. 2 people lifted me to my feet & I suffered minor injuries. fbi continues assaults fully aware of my problem with DEW/ELF. https://t.co/MSK3pVcnuN
2nd photo from my collapse on 10-24-20, caused by DEW/ELF induced exhaustion & extreme sleep deprivation which continues now (10-25-20). https://t.co/QdEgpdOfE7
After 4 falls, I suspect that fbi high tech assaults on my brain are designed to cause me to fall while walking. Each fall is preceded by sensation of leaning forward uncontrollably. Then, the fall.
-For the record-
Also, note:

Edited & excerpted: Americans are complicit through their assistance & silence in the fbi imprisonment, persecution, and murder of millions of people. All people are subject to fbi atrocities that I chronicle for half century, not just current fbi Targets