USA's fbi/cia/nsa as homicidal & sadistic psychopaths

For several years I attempted to understand the rationale for the fbi' s  *torture & attempted murder games against me. I postulated, for example, as follows:


Then, after I posted the data at the *** link shown below, I noticed that once again the metaphorical choke chain on my neck ( in the form of remote electronic human behavior manipulation technology) was tightened; the tightening came in the form of increased sleep deprivation via brain entrainment assaults by directed energy weaponry and ELF, incapacitating me for 12-15 hours.


Thus after years of enduring such painful experiences, I must now conclude that the United States government ( **now overthrown) is ruled by insane and sadistic  psychopaths who are free to torture anyone on earth at will.

So, let the world know that the surveillance and phone monitoring operations by NSA globally, is a prolepsis to total control of all mankind by demonic methods that I have delineated for almost two decades.






Anyone who labels as 'delusional'  a victim of such assaults is part of the problem and should have his head examined: