Mass Murder Often Caused By fbi/police Who Exploit For Publicity Macabre Disasters

See my reports in the links below with evidence that the fbi, media, and others pretend that high tech assaults on Targets don't exist and that anyone who claims to the contrary is crazy.

The current public media campaign to label (and thereby discredit) the shooter 'Aaron Alexis' as one who simply hears voices, one who claims to be assaulted by microwave, etc, is a fraud perpetrated by the fbi.

The truth is that the fbi regularly uses high tech weaponry against their political Targets for the following purposes, inter alia: cause sleep deprivation; drain energy from the Target's body; induce mood swings; force suicide; murder the Target.

When the Targets breaks down the police and the fbi claim, "See we told you so"; then the thugs with badges lock up the Target in prison or in a hospital where he is left for dead after brain cells are rearranged. Here are my reports and documentations over the past twenty years regarding a similar and largely unsuccessful campaign against me in efforts to silence me from reporting high crimes by the fbi/police:

My affidavit:

High tech assaults:


Assaults by police/fbi/operatives:

Overview of fbi/police covert operations against a given Target:

fbi operative 'paint me doubtful' fraudulently proclaims to the world that I am a possible "mass murderer":

Police desperate, corrupt and retarded profiling effort against me:

Medical doctor falsely labels Target:

fbi tells me: "kill yourself":

“Corruption of Culture and Concomitant Creation Of Police State By fbi’s Own Criminals And Their Cowardly Creepy Cronies In Congress” or:


Thousand words:

Violence as a virus which the fbi (and police generally) feed upon, encourage and relish.

PS: fbi commits a crime against the government:



Violence as a virus:

fbi & police seek to Induce fear: