fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Trauma and Stress Designed & Induced By fbi

Trauma and Stress Designed & Induced By fbi 

All cases prosecuted by or in any manner orchestrated by fbi, including evidentiary hearings in civil or criminal matters, must be remanded and the accused/defendant/patients released and compensated now. For I have proven that the fbi and their  twin evil group of assassins in cia engage in the rampant  torture, imprisonment and murder of human rights activists. By forcing their victim to endure torture or trauma, the fbi seeks to provoke a response that a fbi controlled federal magistrate judge can use to imprison the Target. http://austin.indymedia.org/article/2017/02/12/geral-sosbee-presents

Today, the lunatics of fbi continue a 30 year effort to set me up for some kind of fraudulently contrived adverse legal process. The fbi sends thugs to assault and to provoke me almost everywhere I go. So, failure of SCOTUS & Congress to address the atrocities that I and others (like BARBARA HARTWELL) document is evidence of the overthrow of this government by the intelligence community.

See the following reports, inter alia :

'Committed to Healing' (often implies 'intentional  killing')


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" PTSS is an externally generated (exogenous) condition, meaning it is a response (or reaction) to outside forces. Most commonly, it is a violent, life-threatening event, or series of events. Some examples: violent combat; rape; ongoing sexual abuse; physical assaults; psychological abuse; imprisonment/captivity; an ever-present threat of assault (physical or psychological) by a person (or persons) in the immediate environment; torture (physical or psychological)."

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