fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

The police are beholden to & trained by fbi thugs.

See my reports concerning the destructive effects on society of fbi/police operations and credo.

The fbi (federal burro of investigation, the Jackass of the nation) impliedly affirms in its operations 24/7 its centurylong applied credo as follows:


**We are primarily in the business of taking lives (or destroying them by imprisonment), not of saving lives, nor furthering the aesthetic and humane interests of mankind. In short the fbi has this message  (*see attachment)to the Target (T): “ We Intend To…







Also, see my reports on how the fbi (and other administrative agencies) have in fact turned the United States of America (and in a sense, the rest of the world) into a irreparable & macabre police state:







Indymedia LA hides my post and disables all links therein; then, the same group allows a serial cyberstalker, fbi operative thug, to continue ad hominem assaults in efforts to discredit.
See my reports that show how the fbi//police operations have  a destructive effect on civility and indeed on society.


In the following visit to my site by the fbi's cjis, the cowards & assassins there send me the message that they are monitoring reports of my 'performance' on line regarding the crimes committed by the fbi and the cjis, even as the fbi ignores evidence of crimes in the performance report itself. http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/fbimisconduct.html


Thus, the police state is reflected in  1) the following stalking and surveillance tactics suggested in the  site meter image below and   2) in the 24/7 surveillance and in the attempted murder of this reporter by agents and operatives of the 'burro' for decades



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On July 3, 2013, I sent a request to the chief of police at the University of Texas (UT), San Antonio, Texas, to open an internal affairs investigation on the police at UT Health Science Center (San Antonio & Harlingen) who engaged in the following crimes and offenses against my person as documented in parts 19(a,b,c) and related links at my Story:



 filing a false or fraudulent police report, falsification of the contents of the fraudulent police report by entering patently false data, criminal assault and battery on my person by a UT Police/fbi operative, refusal to take my reports of crimes against my person, filing a fraudulent 'BOLO" on me, falsification of a separate crime against me regarding a different police/fbi operative on campus,  committing libel, slander & general assaults by police, and creating a multi year hostile environment against me at the library . I received the following firecracker response from the chief who labeled my work online as "the worst web sites ever, sickchirps":

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On July 3, 2013 Texas Ranger Tony David agreed to meet with me at the Texas Department of Public Safety, Brownsville, Texas, on July 5, 2013. The purpose for the scheduled visit with Ranger David was to outline crimes  committed by the University of Texas Health Science Center Police at San Antonio & Harlingen, Texas, against me. Ranger David failed to show up and failed to call me to cancel or to change the time and location for the appointment; I called his cell phone at (956)369-4681 and David stated he forgot the appointment.

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