fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

What did Mueller (or Holder) ever do for your civil liberties?

At "Tickle the Wire.com", a story appeared on 7/27/11 that stated that, The Senate voted to extend The FBI Director's term past the ten year limit.


Not one US Senator ever, ever, ever.....had their staff talk to me about some of the many FBI PROBLEMS with evidence and fraud on the courts.


Mueller, some how....manipulated Congress to extend his term past ten frigging years.  That statute was written to prevent another J.Edgar Hoover problem (a guy who abused his powers to fulfill a life time mandate using secret files on Congress?).


So....over the last ten years......"what did Mueller's FBI do for your civil liberties?"




How many criminal referrals by FBI cited Title 18 USC section2510--et.al.....to protect US Citizens from illegal eavesdropping and pin hole spy cameras in their homes?

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