fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

I hope this post is valuable to others.....as I want to give you some tips on other sites you might want to visit.

For me, I'm always happy to find a good site.

1) Black Op Radio from Canada....did some good interviews on parapolitics, JFK assasination...etc.

2) TOMFLOCCO.COM at FLOCCO.COM was a real hot site....and a major following. The had a major impact on opening up my mind....but....after I posted at their discussion forum about all the politically motivated murders of my known associates....FLOCCO's discussion forum got knocked out, and never heard from again.

And, FLOCCO's reporting....turned to a trickle...and...I think he is done now....think he got neutralized.

3) DEA Whistleblower Mike Levine does "Expert Witness Radio Show" from NY City. Levine is a real good guy, and did his fair share of whistleblowing on DEA-CIA corruption. He wrote some books...about the Bolivian coup d'etat as a Cocaine Coup for the purpose of moving narcotics.

He had been through a lot of grief....and married Kristina Borjesson, who is also a disgruntled legitimate reporter whose best efforts were silenced. Read his essays, at this site....well done on abuse of snitchs and the madness of this nuthouse police state.

4) WayneMadsen Report is always worth a look. He broke some stories....and now charges a small fee....some of his stories are reprinted at "online Journal".

5) "What Really Happened" does a good job day to day...reports from Chris Bolyn getting run out of Chicago after exposing Mossad....angles to 9/11.

6) "What Does It Mean" is always interesting....apparently Chris Story tracked it down to a guy who is former Office of Naval Intelligence. Sometimes...this site...has angles on stuff that are amazing.

7) TPMmuckraker.com for DC beltway political scandals....good discussion forum...lot of funny and bright insiders in the Gov go here to make comments....which is half the fun.

Hope I turned you on to at least one place to grab info.


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