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                                                            April 26, 2018



"As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air -- however slight -- lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness." ~ Justice William O. Douglas


This paper focuses on the increasing violence, fraud and insolence of most police officers tripartite across the nation. I record my experiences with the police community with the expectation that intrepid students of law and society may expand in depth some of the concepts and data presented in this framework for further analysis.

The fbi trains directly OR indirectly all police officers in the USA (and in many other countries) at the fbi National Academy, Quantico, Virginia. I have studied at the NA on several occasions, including as a successful candidate for certification as a police instructor.

My experience there taught me that the training and the overall culture at the NA is macabre and is intended to turn out sociopaths and killers. I also learned that the net effect of the violent police operations and mindset is to turn many citizens into aggressive sociopaths who act out against Targets of fbi/police activities. Indeed, some police officers assault and threaten me at the direction of the fbi and in some instances police made discreet attempts on my life.

Meanwhile the fbi continues today an extensive, 35 year program to torture and to kill me. These illegal operations by the fbi are authorized by Federal Magistrate Judges who are de facto operatives for the fbi. See my reports at

http://ttu.academia.edu/geralsosbee and my sworn affidavits 2017 and 2014.



Many of the fbi and police activities that I investigate are illegal, but are often authorized by Federal Magistrate Judges and others in the judiciary. See my papers on these topics at http://ttu.academia.edu/geralsosbee, including the podcasts at “Two podcasts by RAMOLA and GERAL.docx. “

Recently, I also discovered that the fbi and police operatives and informants who are ‘setting innocent persons up’ for arrest, imprisonment or murder are criminals, or are engaging in extensive crimes which are then attributed to the fbi/police Target. Such crimes by the fbi, for example, include assaults and battery on Targets, torture by high tech DEW and ELF, bio-chem-viral agents and psychological operations. Provocative attacks on Targets by fbi, police and cia are a part of today’s social landscape and are extensions of the COINTELPRO and OPERATION CHAOS by the fbi and the cia.

I have demonstrated that the fbi also creates false and fraudulent charges against their Targets in efforts to silence or neutralize them. See my reports on USPI Trey Knipfing, Texas DPS Conrad Rodriguez, University of Texas (UT) police Wilson & Bleier and Brownsville, Texas Detective Adrian Posada, et al.

Crimes committed by the fbi and police are made more egregious by their refusal to honor laws relating to Freedom of Information Act and Open Records statutes. *In the following case study, I present my recent experiences with false police reports, cover ups, and failure to release data to me. Note that over the past 35 years the fbi sent thugs to attack me, usually from behind, in efforts to provoke a violent response. I proved one such attack in parts 19, a,b,c of My Story In Detail at SOSBEEvfbi.com The police at UT repeatedly refused to accept my reports of crimes against my person on campus, and in one instance the police there re-wrote the report in order to protect the fbi operative.


*Case Study:

Police often refuse to investigate crimes against fbi Targets. Occasionally police threaten the fbi Target for filing a report. City prosecutors refuse to prosecute assaults on fbi Targets and State Attorneys are similarly not interested in the plight of fbi Targets. Case in point: The fbi deletes the following report everywhere I publish it: On 1-20-18 I was assaulted from behind by the store attendant,  one Jose Solis, at Stripes store, 3620 Pecan Blvd., McAllen Texas. I do not accuse any person referenced herein of any crime. I filed a police report on the incident (which was similar to other past provocative assaults) on 1-24-18. The police department repeatedly denied me access to my report, but when I received it on orders from the AG under the Texas ORA, I discovered that the police report was false or fraudulent on its face. I reported the false report to Internal Affairs Officer M. Foley who admitted that the police report was wrong.

That police report number 2018-6004, McAllen, Texas, Police Department is attached hereto


See attached false police report, Case Review and Case Assessment.

The top half of the report is false or fraudulent and the bottom half of the report reflects the true facts that I originally reported to the police. On March 5, 2018, I met with the same police detective who filed the false report, Detective D. Cruz. He re-opened the case and advised me that Jose Solis admitted to the assault and stated that he was 'just being friendly'. Such a statement by Solis is absurd. Solis previously admitted to me in the presence of another Stripes employee, Jesus, that he knows that he 'could lose his job and go to jail' for the conduct. Detective Cruz was fully aware of the above admissions, but on March 13, 2018, Cruz advised me that the city prosecutor, Assistant City Attorney Evaristo Garcia, Jr., refused to prosecute the case, stating that 'the accusation against Solis is not reasonable'. I consider that statement ludicrous. As of today, the McAllen Texas police continue to violate ORA by refusing to provide me with a copy of Garcia's refusal to prosecute.  See Also: https://www.academia.edu/35972925/crimes_by_fbi_and_federal_judges....


Fbi Agents Rampantly Engage In Criminal Activity

Corruption of Law & Society By fbi

Evidence of a new, unheralded, illegal, quasi 'Criminal Justice Sys...


Thank you.


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Case Review / McAllen Municipal Court / Investigator's Supplement Investigator: D. Cruz, 7136

Case Assessment

On this date, this case was reviewed. Based on the information contained in the report, there are no additional witnesses, no reliable evidence found at the scene capable of identifying the suspect, no license plates of the suspect vehicle were obtained, and no solvability factors articulated by the reporting officer.

At this point, there are no leads to pursue. Pending any further leads or suspect information, this case will be Inactive / Suspended.

* *Case: Inactive / Suspended. **

OfficerID: mcpd10045, Narrative FR

2018-6004     Assault (Class C Misdemeanor)    

On 01-24-2018 at 0248 hrs while working the front desk, I, Officer M. Yanez #10045, made contact with Geral Sosbee (DOB 08-30-1945) in reference to an assault that occurred at Stripes (3620 Pecan Blvd.)

Mr. Sosbee stated on 01-20-2018 he was at Stripes waiting to get tacos when a male employee, later identified as Jose Solis, stood very closely behind him. Mr. Sosbee stated he turned to him and asked if he was going to pass. Mr. Sosbee stated Mr. Solis told him that he was just standing there and for him (Mr. Sosbee) to go ahead and get his tacos. Mr. Sosbee stated Mr. Solis then suddenly padded him on the back without saying anything. Mr. Sosbee stated shortly after he (Mr. Sosbee) began walking around Stripes, Mr.

Solis followed him keeping a close eye on him. Mr. Sosbee stated he left the store and returned on the following day (Sunday

01-21-2018) to speak to a manager regarding the assault. Mr. Sosbee stated as he was talking to manager Jesus, Mr. Solis walked in and admitted to the assault. Mr. Sosbee stated Mr. Solis then told him that he knew he can get fired for assaulting Mr. Sosbee. Mr. Sosbee stated he wants to file the proper charges against Mr. Solis. Mr. Sosbee stated if Mr. Solis confesses that he padded his back by order of the FBI then he'll be willing to reconsider following through with the charges. Mr. Sosbee stated he did not feel pain or discomfort rather he was offended by the touch of Mr. Solis.

End of Report: M. Yanez #10045

OfficerID: mcpd10045, Case Summary

Male subject padded victim on his back. Victim did not welcome the male subjects touch.

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