fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

As I have recently documented, the fbi in its vendetta sends thugs and assassins to destroy my cars (located in the veterans memorial park ) attempt to kill me, and commit other provocative crimes against my person (including DEW assaults 24/7). Evidence of these crimes is available on line and include my reports at parts 19,a,b,c of My Story and in the Detective Adrian Posada caper.
Now, here is the quandary: when I try to report such felonies to the police, they threaten to arrest me, impugn my sanity and falsely discredit me in my face.
When I report corruption of police and fbi to high level government officials they all ignore my appeals . This is the USA today, a nation ruled by insane sociopaths who also threaten all the world with similar maniacal, frightening methods.


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