fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

*Unde's unul nu e putere; unde's dos,  puteria creste y dusmanul nu sporeste.
Where there's one no power; where there's two power grows and the enemy does not increase.
For those who seek advice from me concerning abuses delivered upon you  by the confused and at times evil police/fbi/population,  I can relate my own philosophy which may not serve you. I hold a mirror up (in my reports) that in its reflection shows the names, places, events, etc., of the murderous operatives and sympathizers  of fbi/police. 
They, the subhumans, cannot escape from what they have become. They and their supporters (who cower at their feet for favors) are captured in my reports as embracing their same macabre character: They are the living dead who, with mouths wide opening, fingers pointing, and evil proclivities protruding, seek out others for torture, imprisonment and death. These are people who rule this world. They cannot be stopped, but they can be exposed because all the world in its awakened state finds them repulsive and quite filthy when illuminated.
God Bless and protect each of  you and help you to make a heaven of hell when the lowest form of human beings come after you to turn your life upside down.
*Join with others where you may in order to not face the ordeal alone.
Best Wishes To Each Of You In The Most Fascinating Part Of Life: 
The journey discovered  upon tapping into the universal powers of your beautiful psyche
may bring to you an unfamiliar and beneficent world which would not have been possible had you not been pushed to open  its gates.
Thank you.

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