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THOUGHT CRIMES: latest attempted frameup?

Recently, my Mom sought a bid on repairing our driveway.

I stopped to chat with these two strangers to me...and the contractor starts talking all this crap about the government and "he made direct threats of completing a conspiracy" against a former congress critter..............and I had to tell him to shut up.  Within five minutes of talking to me, a total stranger starts whipping up a conspiracy to commit a crime of violence?


That's how you know you just dealt with a frameup.  The stranger starts talking violence, to get the target on tape.

In South Dakota, the US Atty prosecuted a guy who said "...burning bush..." at a bar.  It was not even a threat...just an incomplete phrase and undefined thought?  He got 18 months in fed pen for making a presidential threat of violence?????


Looks like "thought crimes" is all it takes to get arrested.  And, if you provoke the target....the surveillance can "tickle the wire" and get anyone to say just about anything.....ENTRAPMENT, but....THE PROSECUTORS DON'T TURN OVER BRADY MATERIAL, because....the surveillance does not record provocations.


So how do you get the Gov to corroborate stalking as provocation as they tickle the wire?

You don't.

The police state does not corroborate complaints.......thus........Brady Material is unknown to prosecutors...who file charges anyway?  Chances are...charges result in pleas.










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Comment by Thomas S. Bean on August 23, 2012 at 1:19am
I told my Dad tonight...I'm gonna have to move on since I knew the FBI surveillance has flipped he and mom and I brought the heat to them...and at their age they don't need this crap: "working for Gov against their son".


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