fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

The private and public sectors of the USA knowingly assist, cover up,  or permit fbi (i.e., the 'burro') atrocities against this combat veteran, ex fbi counterintelligence agent,  who exposes high crimes by the 'burro'. This domestic cowardice is further  evidence of the collapse of our constitutional government. See:
Below are a few pieces of evidence, among many others, submitted as a criminal 
Iindictment of the 'burro' (whose agents and operatives often show their insanity) and all persons and groups who (by virtue of my reports on line for 16 years) impliedly or explicitly  support them.
My sworn affidavits:
Fbi corrupts HUD, TWC , attorneys and private companies:
Find a way to imprison or kill the ex fbi agent either by fraudulent civil commitment or by police/fbi joint criminal assaults on him::
Corruption of judiciary:
Police/fbi crimes continuie today for 30 years:
False medical reports in service to fbi:
Fbi invisible bullets:
Thank you.

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