fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

This nation violates universal human & civil rights

The fbi assaults on me today reach a peak in terms of psychological & physical torture, including incapacitating DEW attacks and despicable mind games.
Here are a few links to my responses; note that the names of private citizens who assist the fbi (and who are thereby accomplices to the atrocities that are committed) are mentioned, or referenced on many pages of my online work. These people include doctors, dentists, lawyers and other 'respectable' & 'law abiding' members of the community

Fbi continues unconscionable crimes:


Murderous tyranny:


Beware the twilight:


August 18, 2015, a deranged US DOE employee reminds me by visiting my site that my 'Energy' is being depleted daily by ELF in the non consensual cover research assaults:
doe.gov ? (U.S. Government)IP Address 205.254.147.# (U.S. Department of Energy)ISP U.S. Department of EnergyLocation Continent : North AmericaCountry : United States (Facts)State : District of Columbia

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