fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

The usa is unconscionable and unspeakable

The USA engages in unconscionable crimes associated with DEW & psychological- torturous assaults which then mature into unspeakable and monstrous games including: forced suicide on queue, watching in real time and in apparent satisfaction or delight as the Target (I.e. victim) collapses, goes crazy, and slips into a trance which is brain entrainment
and kills himself. The high tech seizure of one's brain and the concurrent & macabre destruction of a human life by these subhumans (as I name them) are evidence of our failed civilization. All who do nothing to stop the madness of the USA government are parties to the inhumanity that many of us outline. The USA is thus the world's leading ''assassination nation". http://austin.indymedia.org/article/2015/10/28/united-states-americ...
  The Germans have no monopoly on inhumane and unconscionable crimes; the USA takes the prize.


PS: Three entries:


fbi continues psychological assaults as well as increased DEW 24/7:

Apparently the fbi poisons me at Starbucks again and sends me a notice of their poisoning by turning on my car lights; the fbi message to me is multifaceted:

1) we poisoned you ; 2) we present a civil court order against you so that everyone knows that when you enter the facility, you are under investigation and are a criminal; 3) your car battery is drained of energy  (as are you); 4) we are on your case with 24/7 surveillance (physical & electronic) globally for the rest of your life; 5) we enter your car at will and tamper or destroy your car and personal items at will; 6) no one can stop us.


On January 28, 2016, I send the following message to T-Mobile, but the message is ignored:


Geral Sosbee <gsosbee@gmail.com>




Geral Sosbee <gsosbee@gmail.com>

My phone number is xxx-xxxx

Mr. Freier,


 Please permit this summary and question:


I am a former fbi intelligence special agent and I am now considered a whistleblower.


The fbi has an extensive harassment, torture  and attempted murder program against me.


One type of harassment is the destruction of every computer that I acquire.


A few months ago I received a free T-Mobile Tablet (tab) with a service agreement for two years. I enjoyed the tab, but I experienced many problems with the tab as an apparent result of hacking by the fbi. I tried to report these events, but the T-Mobile representatives could not address my concerns about fbi hacking.


The fbi apparently destroyed three such T-Mobile tablets every time I reported to T-Mobile that the tab quite woking. T-Mobile sent me a total of three tabs over time.


In the end, T-Mobile refunded the fee to my account, and I deceided that I am not allowed by the fbi to have neither a computer of any kind (except my smart phone), nor a tab.


My question is this:

Is there anyway I could purchase a T-Mobile tab with a complete lifetime warranty, so that I am protected from future problems. Please note that the fbi may be less likely to destroy or incapacitate the tab if I have a full warranty from T-Mobile.


Thank you, and thanks also to your superb manager at the T-Mobile Corporate Store at the Brownsville, Texas, Mall, FRIEDA, who has always assisted me and my wife in her store.


I filed a complaint with the Chief Disciplinary Counsel of the State of Texas against the DA in reference to the Posada adventure.


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