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The unseen until now record of fbi dirty laundry

The unseen (until now) record of fbi dirty laundry:


Throughout the history of the fbi (hereinafter referred to as the ‘burro’) that agency carefully ensures that the public not see its ugly face (or alter ego). Only those poses which the public ‘eats up’ are submitted to the press. For example, the often unnecessary killing of fugitives, or the brutal handling of wanted men by fbi/police are almost always accepted by the blood  thirsty public who after dinner want to see their burro and police at work.

Fact checks by the media of burro  press releases is a rarity, but almost never does the press cover the range of crimes committed by the burro in pursuit of their Targets who in many cases are viewed by the burro as potential future misdemeanants (or possible suspected felons).

Below are some of the actual dirty and dastardly deeds committed by the burro’s agents and operatives/informants who are often hidden from public view:

--- torture, force suicide, falsely imprisonment  and murder selected victims for a variety of purposes (including intelligence goals).

---porno addiction

---wife swapping

---wife beating

---ramped alcoholism (including drunkenness on airplanes  where the agent is unarmed in order to avoid the stewardess from seeing his illegal sips).

---psychopathic and serial killings of Targets  by burro agents who are advised by burro psychiatrists that as long as the agent is killing in the performance of his duties, the illness that moves him to murder people is acceptable, but should be toned down.

---*Insider trades in the global financial markets, especially in the largely unregulated futures and commodities markets

---child sexual molestation

---sex clubs participation

**---robbery, theft, extortion, and a variety of other felonies as outlined in my sworn affidavits 2007 and 2014

---use of IRS,military, USPI, police and universities to threaten and slander the Targets of burro agents (see my reports on Knipfing,Rodriguez,Posada, Wolf, Bleier, Wilson, et. al.  online and see parts 19, a,b,c of “My Story In Detail”.)

---sworn false affidavits by burro agents (see the Monica Mclean affidavit).


The burro learned to protect J. Edgar Hoover from public scrutiny of his strange sex life because

1)   he was the most powerful man in government and could destroy any person who exposed him by sending an army of thugs to provoke and spy on the ‘troublemaker’ 24/7 until the poor soul breaks (a counterintelligence technique that often seeks to drive the Target crazy).

2)   And the public would not accept any kind of sex scandal in the burro; killing of Targets was and is perfectly acceptable by a perverted public.


See my diary entries and the burro threat to break me  as reflected in the broken toothpick report dated 1999:



Hoover’s insanity and inhumanity live on today in the burro, though any good that he may have done is interred with his bones.





More data on the burro’s obsession to destroy an innocent person’s life, even as the burro engages in a wide range of unconscionable offenses:






See the alt Links for my recent revelations on the purely evil and insane burro:




Thank you.

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