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The fbi, Their Agents, Operatives, And Friends Are Seriously Mentally Ill

The fbi, Their Agents, Operatives, And Friends Are Seriously Mentally Ill


The fbi currently employs an army of psychotics to discreetly destroy the life of the political Target (i.e. victim, me) in a program as sinister and deadly in its application as it is cruel and unbelievable in its conception.

For the past thirty years I have posted at my website (SOSBEE vs. fbi) the details of the fbi’s unconscionable campaign against me. In the present article with supporting links I intend to show that in fact these fbi agents and operatives who are assigned to silence me are criminally insane and are psychopathic personalities in pursuit of the fbi’s predatory and felonious agenda. These individual fbi thugs and all who assist them are operatives for the most powerful and corrupt institution in the USA, the fbi; the perpetrators of the high crimes that I document (including treason, murder, etc.) are “True Believers” in their mission and they delight in and share with others  their power/control over the victim. I believe that they also make a sport of their deadly activities against me. They are government sponsored serial killers and torturers who appear to be nourished by their obsessive drives to watch the victim/Target suffer and die.

One may consider the victim of the fbi’s inhumane attacks as representative of the USA’s global assault on other perceived adversaries everywhere. The tactics used by the fbi and the cia et al., are described at different sites listed herein, and the secondary purpose of this study is to show that everyone who is under the influence of the fbi (in their kill, slander and torture programs) is a party to the crimes committed by the fbi against the Target. This means that all police, all ordinary citizens and all government officials at every level are implicated by their contributions to and association with the fbi’s clandestine (i.e. covert) operations. The US Congress and all of the courts (especially federal Magistrate Judges) are by their guilty knowledge participants in the crimes perpetrated in the name of the fbi/USA. See my report on the “Collapse of the Constitutional Government of the USA.”


Also, see for examples my reports on the officials of the University of Texas (UT), including the Chancellor, legal counsel, and police officials such as *Bleier and Wilson et al. See other records online regarding Detective Adrian Posada of the Brownsville, Texas, Police Department, Doctor Holder, and countless other individuals in “My Story in Detail”. All such individuals assisted the fbi in efforts to provoke a response (or by entering false data in their records) in their failed and illegal efforts to arrest me. Note especially the criminal assault and battery on my person by fbi/UT police operative, one Alonzo Yanez, at the UT campus where he was hired as a temporary janitor for UT with the specific assignment to stalk, assault and commit provocative battery on me in the men's restroom. All documentations are available online. See:


Note also that the UT police department with the full awareness and participation by the UT Chancellor, legal counsel, library staff, security guards and other top officials cooperated with the fbi for a decade of harassment against me on campus in efforts to prevent or to discourage me from the use of the campus library computer. The police illegally and insanely threatened to arrest me for a non- extant offense and the library staff and security guards harassed me continually on campus for about a decade. *These crimes against me are punctuated by the fraudulent “BOLO” in the year 2009, issued against me on campus by police acting as fbi operatives.



For the other crimes committed against me by the UT police and their friends see part 19 (a,b,c) of “My Story”.

Another report on topic is here:



See also my affidavits on line dated 2007 and 2014 wherein I set forth the specific crimes committed by the fbi against me and other innocent Targets globally. Particularly note that the fbi orchestrates by fraudulent means assaults on me and my wife in our home and in my face by USPI and Texas DPS police officials Knipfing and Rodriguez (K & R) respectively.


Regarding the cops, K & R, they both continue today to refuse to honor my lawful FOIA requests whereby they know that I will publish their findings online when I receive them.


The fbi also extends their illegal harassment scheme against me and my wife internationally. On many days the fbi used Mexican nationals in Mexico to assault us and to interfere with our work there. When I visited Thailand, the fbi terrorized me for the full three months that I sought refuge there.

The macabre program mentioned above is designed to torture the victim and to vitiate his work, including his legal action in efforts to stop the fbi’s crimes spree. See my WRIT online for details. The fbi agents who engage in the dirty program to drive the victim to distraction are quite the deranged psychopaths whom we read about in the history of the most evil killers of the world,



These fbi agents and operatives are trained by the fbi professionals on tactics used to destroy the physical and mental health of the victim. The fbi thugs are rewarded for their work and are under an elaborate mind control program designed especially for them:


The psychosis of these government assassins is then somehow transferred to the individuals who assist them in their crimes against the victim. Even neighbors join in the provocative harassment scheme and become accomplices to offenses against me and my wife. For more on the subversion of law and society (and related topis) see the following site with subjects mentioned below:


1)Macabre Crimes Committed By fbi, Tacitly Approved By Congress/SCOTUS 2)Overthrow Of United States Government By fbi/cia 3)what would you do if? 4)Corruption of Law & Society By fbi 5)Explication Of Salient Events 6)Evidence of a new, unheralded, illegal, quasi 'Criminal Justice System' (CJS) forged by fbi 7)Fbi psychological operations 8)fbi's "Future Crime" Project 9)AFFIDAVIT 10)My Affidavit On Recent Police Abuses Against Me


Other universities and colleges also join the crime spree against the victim:




In this regard see my statements on line that our most respected institutions and leaders become common criminals:




and our country is then a criminal enterprise: 




Some of the actual methods used by the fbi and their accomplices are often referred to as gas lighting operations:



The use of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) on me and others are atrocities ongoing now against countless individuals; see:



These assaults and psychological operations continue against me at this moment and are the more painful because the country that I once naively defended on the battlefield is sadly a big, murderous fraud.


Also, see reports on secret assaults with ‘invisible bullets’ by fbi serial killers who use bio-chemical-viral agents and DEW  on the defenseless victim:




2) Creation of Artificial Kidney Stone In Vivo By Skilled Criminals with M, M, O



As the fbi uses high tech weaponry in concert with extreme psychological operations, I view their crimes spree as unprecedented in human affairs, and I label the fbi tormentors as the ‘Living Dead’:




Finally, the USA is the primary source of violence on earth and is guilty of innumerable crimes against humanity. As the people allow these assaults on mankind to expand, we as a nation are the most deplorable and sick ever to claim membership in the human race.


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After I published the above report in the public library, the fbi psychopaths entered my residence and vandalized personal items in their typical gas lighting operation. This crime further exemplifies the fbi's complete subversion into a state of psychosis and evil.

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