fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

See this brief report and note that we can be assured of the fbi's own continued crime spree against innocent people.

CNN news, May 31, 2016:

"The FBI increased 24/7 surveillance of jihadist suspects and made more than a dozen arrests. In some cases, suspects were arrested on non-terror related charges simply to get them off the streets and out of fear it wasn't safe to wait to gather terror-related evidence."


Understand please that the fbi is on a role- a crime spree unparalleled in United States history and unprecedented in human affairs- and the American people are asleep amid the signs of a murderous police state that is the USA.









Then ask yourself whether you or I may be the next to be imprisoned or murdered by fbi/police.


Dilemma of everyman of conscience and integrity when facing the cowardly thugs, assassins and insane gunmen of law enforcement:




Thank you.


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