fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Support for Sosbeevfbi.com 


Past subliminal messages of support for my battle against the miserable enemy of mankind, the fbi, are listed herein. Some may surprise.

Subliminal Support To Stop fbi

Multiple subliminal messages from USA 's agencies & departments are sent to me, some in support of my labors to destroy the fbi and remove that filthy pack of rabid wolves from the face of the earth.


However, the 'black rose' messages generally are meant to convey a message of death to me.

The VA indicates that SOSBEE defeats fbi, while the United States Navy reveals that fbi uses terrorist methods of Navy Seals.

** Dept. of Education reminds all of the official fbi history book where SOSBEE is featured, and in another message, the USDOA concurs that the fbi's unconscionable CJS is designed to fail.**

On a separate site at 
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission reminds this nation of my service to USA in war on battlefield.

HHS & PENTAGON CITE MY RECEIPT OF AMJUR AWARD, as I continue to find "Remedies" for the disease stricken fbi which infects all America with its homicidal psychopathology.

Support from the US federal courts:


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