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State of the federal judiciary, USA, 2019

State of the federal judiciary, USA, 2019

Alternate site: https://www.academia.edu/41365871/State_of_the_federal_judiciary_2019

In this paper I seek to show how the fbi corrupts the federal judges across the nation against a given Target of a fbi vendetta. The fbi uses civil process in order to circumvent the US Constitution and the bill of Rights. See my paper on the “Quasi CJS forged illegally by the fbi” against the Target. In many of my papers and in my website at www.sosbeevfbi.com I identify specific instances of violent crimes against me in efforts to kill me. The fbi realizes that, if the Target has no evidence of such crimes, then the law does not generally recognize that a crime was even committed.

Nevertheless the fbi and the federal judges run a macabre and illegal crime spree against the Target (i.e., me) under vague civil law which allows the fbi to commit many crimes under the banner of public safety.

The ‘ex parte’ meetings between fbi and federal judges are hideous in conception and devastating in application against the Target. No defense is possible against the fbi’s charade where fbi tortures and tries to murder the Target, or incarcerate him/her.

See my WRIT for my efforts to contain corrupt and possibly insane federal judges (probably federal magistrate judges.)

This report is inspired by recent inhuman attacks on me by fbi and their DEW/ELF weaponry which are invisible, but destructive. Such attacks cause sleep deprivation and many injuries. For example, recent assaults by the ELF weaponry caused me to faint, unconscious, and also caused injuries to my left arm and head.  

Then, this morning, December 19, 2019, at around 2AM the fbi sends an operative to gain my attention in my home where I was trying to rest after taking medication for injuries sustained when I collapsed again from sleep deprivation. I was not able to  obtain the license plate number, nor photo of the fbi operative; he sped off after he saw that I tried to document the incident. His car had a bright light, yellow in color, which rotated so as to draw attention. Note that the entire neighborhood where I reside is compromised against me by the fbi. See many of my papers on topic.

The federal judge who authorizes fbi’s crimes against me exemplifies the complete corruption of the judiciary against the Target, GERAL SOSBEE.

This means in essence that the federal judges are  guilty of the same crimes by fbi that I document for decades. The judges accept fbi  false allegations and issue truly destructive orders. See my podcasts with RAMOLA D. Furthermore, if the judge admit  what the fbi were doing to me 24/7/365, perhaps the judge would allow me to refute the fbi lies and to present my side of the story. See “My Story in Detail” where I document crimes (felonies) against my person by fbi and their operatives. See the “Rodriguez” case which is at the heart of the fbi vendetta against me.


See fbi history book where I am featured:


The ability of the fbi to destroy any Target in the manner that I describe threatens all of us, including the Congress and the courts. So, today we have the foolish Congress engaged in a political circus which is conducted in the name of the constitution, but which is unconstitutional and is absurdly called “Impeachment Process” of the President of the USA.

Congress could be more productive, I conclude, by dismantling the fbi and placing many fbi Special Agents and operatives and judges in jail for their terrorist acts against this Target.

I am licensed to practice law in the federal courts, but I cannot reach the judges with my pleadings. I also served as Associate City Judge in El Paso, Texas where I met many judges and I discovered their close ties with the fbi.

The two, fbi & federal judges, often lean on each other to support their criminal subversion of law and society.

So, in my opinion the fbi and their federal judges are the main forces of government crime in America and are responsible for suffering and deaths of many Targets under civil and criminal laws.

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