fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Return From War To Confront A Raging War

Return From War To Confront A Raging War 


Increasingly the people have no conscience.

Return From War To Confront A Raging War

I returned home from war to discover that the USA is transformed into the world's premier 'assassination nation' (Seymour Hersh) as dictated by fbi and cia agents, operatives, informants, street thugs, supporters and most of the general population. 
These intelligence powerhouses torture, maim, force suicide and murder our people at will and often for sport.

The astonishing realization hits me that fbi and federal magistrate judges are criminally insane as they engage in atrocities here in the homeland that I thought I defended. The murderers and miscreants who pick out Targets to decimate are totally free to engage in crimes against humanity, even as the victims are innocent of crimes and often plead with courts and Congress to intervene on the Targets' behalf.

These innocent Targets never lift a hand against the killers, though the program against Targets include violent provocations in order to push Targets to defend.

So, the lowest form of human being as we find in the ranks of fbi are by public policy authorized to attack and murder the best among us with total impunity.

Something therefore is very,very wrong with our world as long as fbi/cia and company continue to control government, institutions, and people. A complex dilemma of incredible proportions confronts all individuals of conscience and this situation, involving high tech torture by DEW and ELF, is unprecedented in human affairs.


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