fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Responsibility for this nation's fall into fascism

Where to place responsibility for our nation's downfall into fascism

When I am gone and an objective author studies the literary and biographical influences on my life, history must record the pure evil and diabolical corruption of fbi and all who assist fbi in their crime spree.

One part of such history is the record of harassment, torture & terrorist assaults on me for about half a century.

Central to that study is a resounding absence of any fbi record regarding the fbi COINTELPRO used against me. Crimes by fbi are seldom reported, but by connecting the dots and by inferences the student may discover that I survived multiple & ongoing attempts on my life by fbi for decades.

Even in law school fbi harassed me.
During my first years as an attorney in El Paso, the fbi psychopaths turned lawyers and judges hostile toward me.
Of course the fbi never revealed to my professional associates that the fbi, while slandering me, engaged in a crime spree to kill or to drive me to neurosis.

Then and thereafter federal judges in El Paso, Dallas, L.A., NYC, Honolulu, Brownsville/RGV and finally the federal appellate courts & SCOTUS impliedly authorized fbi to torture and to kill me.

I was professionally associated with some of the federal judges and I was stunned when I realized that fbi corrupts them all at will. When I use the word 'corrupt', I mean murderously evil in all thoughts and actions against the Target GERAL SOSBEE.

Many universities are similarly controlled by fbi thugs:
Log entries:

Below are evidentiary links to support this report. Other evidence is available at www.SOSBEEvfbi.com .

The collapse of our Constitutional republic is, I believe, partly attributable to the small and dangerous minds of judges who fear fbi and who seek favor with fbi assassins. I cannot publish their names here, but history records all of them in a most damnable and dark manner.

political persecution:


federal judges :


Three essential podcasts for understanding fbi:

Subject: Watch "Report #56: Geral Sosbee, FBI Whistleblower Reports Massive Crime by FBI" on YouTube


Subject: Watch "Report #59: Geral Sosbee, FBI Whistleblower, Podcast 2 -- Terrorism, Torture, Crime" on YouTube


Subject: Watch "Report # 75: Geral Sosbee, FBI Whistleblower/Podcast 3: Endless and Criminal FBI Retaliation" on YouTube

GERAL SOSBEE, L.A., year 2000


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