fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

                                                October 22, 2018

                                                         Police State USA

Killings and false imprisonment of our people in the United States of America by the fbi and the police community are not acceptable, but little is done to stop it.

This paper offers a few suggestions on the need to reevaluate the entire police network and training in USA. As I am intimately familiar with crimes committed by the fbi, I suggest that the fbi be dismantled, that the police be retrained or replaced, and that unarmed civilians assume most duties now performed by police. For more information on the completely out of control fbi and many police in our world see my papers at


Also, for more background on this author see the following link and attachments herein:


Police and fbi often kill their suspects in cold blood across the USA, or the police/fbi threaten and jail people with wild abandon. Most men and women are offended when the police mistreat them. Indeed, empirical evidence shows that even a routine traffic stop by police may trigger a violent reaction to a person who has been previously abused by authority. Thus, a dilemma may confront the innocent suspect:


Further, SCOTUS now authorizes the police to use deadly force against a suspect fleeing from police in a motor vehicle. See: Mullenix v. Leija, 577 U.S. ___(2015).


Most of the crimes committed by police every day in USA could be stopped, if the fbi were to stop teaching police how to torture, harass, and assassinate their subjects. However, cessation of fbi programming of police to kill is not likely because the fbi is a MAFIA type syndicate which is wired into police (including Interpol) globally. Simply stated, the fbi hammers into the police trainee this doctrine:

They are taught to shoot to kill, aiming for the 'K5 kill zone,' within the center of the body. This desensitizes police and fbi in a macabre fashion.

Local police training centers nationwide follow fbi guidelines for police ‘education’. The fbi indoctrination prepares the police globally to use force or the threat of force all the time. The thoughts and fears of police prevail and the police are not generally focused on the trauma to the suspect during arrest. Police often feel justified in killing people.

The fbi thereby creates a deadly police state and revels in their success, even as our people suffer and die from attacks preventable by law enforcement. This nation allows the murderous fools of fbi/police to threaten, beat, incarcerate, torture, force suicide, or murder us at will. The failure of the fbi's police state to protect us from deranged killers in law enforcement is an integral part of the fbi's design for world inhumane domination at any cost. See my report on ‘World In a Box’.

The fbi also has subtle legal maneuvers to falsely incarcerate innocent people. The secret crimes committed in the fbi’s covert Counterintelligence program (COINTELPRO) are unknown to most, except Targets of that program. As I am one such Target, I understand the program from the perspective of an attorney, judge, ex fbi agent and victim of police, prosecutors, judges and fbi abuses.

Even the fbi’s FD302 is designed by prosecutors to often wrongly omit from fbi interviews exculpatory facts that appear as hearsay. Yet, the fbi and the police rely on hearsay every day in their official duties. The crimes committed by the fbi laboratory are covered up by media and no real, thorough investigation of fbi offenses is permitted.


Finally, I am certain that the police state here in the USA is a global threat, particularly as fbi uses high tech, deep space based, Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW) and mind control techniques to push innocent people into criminal acts. I have documented thousands of assaults on me by many of the methods referenced herein, including attacks by DEW, ELF, psychological operations (psyops) and by deranged fbi/police et al acting on orders from federal magistrate judges controlled by fbi.


I hope that this report may encourage others to more fully develop papers on crimes and omissions by fbi and its police community.





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