fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Police state formed, evidence thereof here:


The fbi fails in their efforts to silence this critic, but the thugs and operatives under the fbi control continue their dirty campaign of torture, attempted murder, attempted fraudulent stings, libel, etc., all with the full knowledge of the courts and the congress. See twenty parts of my documentation here:




The most recent crimes by the fbi, police and their operatives may be seen in the summary as follows:



Note that the University of Texas, UT (Health Science Center, San Antonio, Texas) officer Richard Wilson and his supervisor, Lt  Bleier  created false reports against me, issued a fraudulent BOLO against me, covered up crimes against me on campus, and attempted to discredit my work in their reports dated 8-31-09 and 8-18-09. Evidence to support these assertions (including Harlingen, Texas Police & Court Records) are available on my website.


See my documentations of assaults on me by fbi/police operative Yanez on April 17, 2009; the UT police refused to accept my report of a crime against me on campus. Later, on October 24, 2009, the Harlingen, Texas police accepted and investigated my complaint against Yanez. The fraudulent BOLO was issued by UT police on October 3, 2009. *The BOLO is attached hereto and is labeled as BOLO.pdf , and is also shown below ; note that the corrupt police ignored the assault on me by fbi/police operative Yanez, even as the police issued the patently fraudulent BOLO at the direction of military intelligence and fbi.  


Here is the fraudulent BOLO issued against me by the UT police; subsequently I am harassed and insulted by police, security guards and library staff every time I enter the campus.  The campaign to silence me in this instance was initiated by military intelligence (Army), and by the fbi.

See update at dpiBOLO2http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/part19c-updatefo.html
















 Regarding the assault & battery on my person by fbi/police operative (in efforts to provoke a violent response) on October 12, 2009,  fbi/police operative Yanez pleaded nolo contendere in open court to the charges filed by Geral Sosbee. Documentation with the Texas AG office are made here:


Re: case # 094578

AGID# 361750




In a more recent incident of harassment, see the following report:


Re: Incident case # unknown, dated March 29, 2013, approximately 3:PM, I submitted to Officer Adelaida Leal, a complaint of harassment.


Officer Leal UT Police,Harlingen, Texas, confirms on April 2, 2013, that an incident report was issued by her in response to my report harassment referenced above, at the UTHSC, Harlington, Texas. As no police file number is available (and no request form is currently available) I am not in possession of the incident case number for the report. I have asked the Texas AG to order the UT police to provide me with the report and with a copy of the fraudulent BOLO issued by Wilson.


See the following links for documents and reports:






False medical report here:




Comments by fbi psychopathic operatives here:


The fbi/Google delete the above photo of me in combat infantry company in Viet Nam, 1967; then the fbi sends a psychopathic assassins to seek to discredit:
I  am scheduled for a tooth implant on June 12, 2013, and in the site meter entry shown below the fbi reminds me of their plans to place a new tracking device in me on that date:
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