fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Police and fbi brutality reveal a very macabre, deranged  and sick culture.
Systemic brutality and murderous mindset characterize the USA police state today where innocent individuals are routinely attacked or killed by police and fbi (et al). In most cases the police and fbi seek to tag their victim as a potential future misdemeanant, but in actual practice the crimes committed by fbi and company constitute some of the most  serious and definitive felonious offenses. 
In our society  the so-called law enforcement community are a group of thugs, brutalizers and killers who, while trying to create or manufacture a misdemeanant,  engage in multiple felonies against their Targets. These felonies often include torture, false imprisonment,  forced suicide, beatings, and killings. All the while the media and the public accept the dramas as though the police community is justified in their high crimes.
EG: Often, we hear that a man or woman 'had a weapon, refused to drop it', and that the police/fbi "had" to shoot and kill the suspect. The truth is that no such killings by the fbi/police are justifiable because alternate methods are always available. Killing is a preferred SOP  at the fbi and police academies. 
Thus, one may reasonably conclude that the real criminals in this country are often cops/fbi who  are licensed and  free to engage in their unconscionable attacks,  while mostly innocent individuals are often locked away or murdered by the presumed protectors and enforcers.
See my report below:
"All the crimes committed by all the jailed inmates do not equal in total social damage the crimes... committed against them" ...and others by their tormentors.
The whistle-blower is often pursued by killers in fbi and police with the same deadly goals  as cops and fbi share in their daily crime spree across the country. 

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