fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

As top law enforcement,fbi, is a global criminal syndicate, all laws  enforced against us by fbi,fmj, police are for sport & show.
Life of a Target :
Fbi believe they are USA;that I threaten fbi who 24/7/365 run dangerous psyops against me everywhere.
Furthermore,  that a threat to the power & authority of fbi is viewed by fbi hoodlums as a threat to USA. In the current police state the federal magistrate judge stands by ready to imprison anyone who credibly  reveals fbi & fmj treasonous & murderous agenda.

Thus, I am harassed & assaulted regularly by fbi hounds from hell.
Finally, RAMOLA D, KAREN STEWART and BARBARA HARTWELL are similarly under death threats everywhere they go. All Targets may also live under constant threat by fbi, nsa & cia assassins. So, to say "Be Careful" to Targets is often frail advice under the dire circumstances that many of us chronicle.
We here understand the importance of sharing thoughts and pressing concerns with fellow Targets. 

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