fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Our stories present for historical  review a kind of jigsaw puzzle for analysts to study. This means that the individual reports, articles and testimonials of our fellow citizens under attack by fbi,cia,nsa,police, etc., form a mosaic of unprecedented complexity never before recorded in one single work. Each member of the community of individuals targeted for death or destruction , if each  survive and maintain capacity for communication, may present in his/her own style an account of the grotesque assaults by the most detestable people on earth: the perpetrators of heinous offenses which include physical and psychological attacks designed  to incapacitate or murder the Target.
A small part of the picture, or story, which upon assembly of its diverse and sometimes irregular shapes, design or narratives reveal the true and macabre (quasi demonic) nature of all government employees  (and their citizen operatives) who participate in the modern eugenics program against human beings. 
I use the analogy of the puzzle because most citizens who hear bits and pieces of our reports generally do not comprehend the *big picture that we try to capture. Perhaps the next generation will pay attention to our individual reports of atrocities because in the end the sub humans  (as I name the assassins in the story) must, by their own perverted nature passed on to succeeding generations, continue to use and to expand upon their macabre and evil methods.
Now, I hope that the evidence we provide, often ignored in our time,  may tell the whole story of the disintegration of society and the degeneration of our species.
Thank you.

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