fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Our fbi
The letters  FBI  are intended to boldly impact and impress  the viewer/reader by implying  the great power and presumed prestige of the nation's top police authority. These letters flash across media including in print,  tvs, movies,etc., as subliminal suggestions to honor, respect and obey w/o question all cops, but especially the devious and murderous fbi.
I always use the lower case and small font 'fbi', because my readers may deduce, from the context of my reports, that the fbi group (and individuals) are  terrible thugs who control and shape destructive and insane  public policy (and who program many irresponsible and subservient  minds to obey).  
The fbi  is simply made up of very small, petty and vacant intellects (& criminal schemers) who deserve to be tried as felons for crimes against humanity. See my report on the need for a Nuremberg type trial. 
 With respect to the 
complex needs of emerging homo sapiens, some of  us  have  beneficent visions of our collective large capacity to achieve a worthy destiny; the fbi represents a reduction of that vision which, due to fbi/police gratuitous and sadistic violence , often obscures the human impetus toward the improvement of the human condition. I touched on this in "Sosbee' s law" in 2002 at:
The mental giants among us who offer and try to create a vastly more humane government and progressive society are not in awe, nor impressed by the letters "FBI" because we see the sorry agents, operatives,  informants and judges (and supporters in the general population) as deranged little torturers and assassins imbued with inflated views of their own significance.
These fools are like the Wizard of oz who hides true identity behind a fancy facade of false imagery and elaborate trickery.
Please feel free to use ' fbi ' any way you like and I am humbled by your care in asking me about the letters  fbi in my reports. 

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