fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Truth Hurts

Aside from fbi activities to torture, maim, force suicide while being monitored, assassinate or otherwise murder Targets, the fbi also singles out some Targets for inclusion into the *global disease surveillance system.

In order to ensure that the Target is despised and feared everywhere, the fbi intentionally infects him/her with a communicable disease by different methods. Of course, the Target does not publicly confess carrying the infection for obvious reasons, and no one would believe that fbi/cia/nsa, et al., would stoop so low. Oh, but they do.


Fbi's favorite punitive disease to destroy lives of Targets are STDs.

Furthermore, any known carrier of a sexually transmitted disease is likely identified by CDC who provide fbi with the raw data. Then, if such a carrier travels abroad a total surveillance program continues in effect. Political Targets (including whistleblowers) are preferred 'enemies' & threats to public safety and are labelled such by fbi.

In one such instance the carrier (i.e.Target) is visibly stalked and invited to leave the host country. Violent assaults are used to remove the unwanted guest. Attacks by DEW & ELF also cause such Targets extreme hardship and critical quandary.

Federal Magistrate Judges issues orders against the Target in secret ex parte meetings with fbi. The orders are honored globally for public safety interests.
The criminally insane federal magistrate judge then issues orders for fbi to castrate the beleaguered Target.

I would be willing to testify to this fbi dirty program, if only we have an honorable, brave & august group empowered to address the felonies mentioned herein.

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