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Obstruction of justice by cops & prosecutors

In their efforts to protect the dirty methods and murderous practices of fbi, all local authorities refuse to do their sworn duties .
Obstruction of Justice Texas ORA # OR2018-12114
For several months I have requested from the city attorney in McAllen, Texas, a copy of the “Letter of Declination” of prosecution in the assault and battery case involving Jose Solis.
Early on the police refused to investigate the case, filed a false or fraudulent report and obtained a declination of prosecution statement on the Solis case from the city prosecutor.
When I asked for a copy of the letter of declination the city attorney indicated that no such record exist.
Today, by letter dated May 22, 2018, the Texas AG Ken Paxton, authorizes the city prosecutor to continue to withhold the letter of declination, citing irrelevant exemptions to open records Act. The police stated to me that the city attorney refuses to prosecute the cas because my complaint is “not reasonable”. Yet, I have demonstrated to all authorities that my complaint against Solis demands prosecution because organized crime is involved; the fbi probably instructed Solis to surprise me from behind with a provocative assault and battery of my person. ‘Not reasonable’ describes the actions of the city attorney and the AG in hiding the declination of prosecution letter from the victim. What is in the letter that the city attorney so desperately withholds?
*The police also advised me that Solis admitted to the offense and further stated that he is acquainted with me and has had conversations with me. This is a lie.
These kinds of planned and executed assaults against me have been going on for 30  years.

The Texas AG states that the city refuses to release the letter of declination because the city might still consider the case for prosecution; this is another lie.
Common sense dictates that the city attorney must release the letter of declination and stop the charade which seeks to protect the fbi assassins who have tried to kill me on several occasions. Note that the city attorney refuses to accept my phone calls and never returns my calls. This may constitute a violation of attorney to attorney professional ethics.
Thus, I will wait two years for the statute of limitations to run at which time the city cannot by law prosecute the case and must release the letter of declination letter to me. Of course the devious attorneys will no doubt find another exception to the Texas ORA and may continue to hide the declination letter.

[ Note that the fbi deletes many of my posts on this topic at many sites].
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