fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Parents are not encouraged to read this material to the children.

The full history of human monsters on earth  is not yet complete. In and between the lines of "My Story In Detail" and related  links the reader discovers how modern day serial killers, torturers, and sadistic fiends come together in elaborate schemes to  murder their victims. Main street news media are by default co-conspirators with the fbi in heinous crimes of our millennium that I and many others chronicle.

The names and photographs of many accomplices to horrendous crimes are found in my reports, but the names of the organizers and chief killers are unknown because they are fbi intelligence officials.

Read my  material to understand such mentally deranged people referenced herein who appear to have no conscience and who for 30 years (continuing today)  guard their silence and their secret roles as vigilante terrorists for the fbi against me. 

Within the criminal  ranks of the serial killers whom I have come to know, one discovers doctors, lawyers, restaurateurs, police,  mechanics, and others from every walk of life. Perhaps even the reader of this message sees himself as a contributing  member of the fbi cult of torture and murder  that I have outlined for three decades. One must understand that anyone who assists the serial killers and torturers is a hideous  accessory to the same crimes. 

The evil doers are among the most frightening creatures on earth, and they feel secure in their crime spree  because the fbi authorizes and leads them. The fbi also promises them anonymity.

They are hereafter known (though their names be not always revealed) 
as principals & participants in some of the most despicable human deeds ever recorded by man:

Imprison the victim in his own body by high tech methods, including directed energy weaponry (DEW), chemical and biological agents,  and through  relentless and lifelong physical and psychological assaults intended to force the victim to kill himself; watch the victim via surveillance in his home and car and send messages to "kill yourself"; enter his home, & car and destroy or steal items (including, money, food  & medicine) needed for every day survival; direct  medical doctors and dentists to torture and try to murder  the victim while under treatment, or while in the hospital; aggravate injuries sustained by the victim during service to the USA in war; send messages to the victim on how to achieve a final exit, even while under surveillance; engage doctors and others to commit mayhem and thereby enhance the psychological trauma imposed in all such assaults; ensure that no one (including police) will assist the victim in any manner, and direct the police to threaten and assault the victim in many locations and under various circumstances; assaults by police include the refusal to accept the victim's reports of crimes against him, the falsification and fraudulently fabrication of  reports against the victim himself, and repeated smear campaign against the victim; at some point watch the victim in real time as he collapses from poisonings, or takes his own life. 


So, my fellow citizens,  ask this question the next time you visit the church, watch a movie,  attend a PTA meeting/ a social gathering, or when you smugly hear or read about history's most monstrous human beings, because some who read this message and some of your friends and associates are now forever included in the journals of civilization's most demonic people .

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