fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally


The minds of mass murderers, assassins, homicidal maniacs share a common trait: macabre intent/desire to kill human beings.Thus, the men and women of the  USA's military, fbi, cia, police, swat, black ops, etc., who engage in such atrocities in the name of war , police or intel operations, etc., are theoretically no different from (or at least coincide with)  the mentality and immorality of  mass murderers that we seek to stop in  society today.


Euclid's Elements Book I

                        "Things which equal the same thing also equal one another."

                ...if one thing can be moved to coincide with another, then they are equal."

                                            [See Upton, Batvette & Iommi]
The minds of the fbi/cia serial killers (sks) are thus no different in their infirmity from the  minds of sks presented in the modern popular history books and movies; the  fbi/cia’s methods of killing and torturing the Targets are also similar to other  sks in public records in that the sks often play, or toy with the Target prior  to his actual demise; the killers also leave messages or notices that the sks  were in the home or car of the target, so that he may worry about the next  assault.
The mindset of killers:
J. Robert Upton, fbi felonious operative and madman: 

fbi's disinformation operative, Batvette:
fbi's criminal stalker and homicidal sociopath, Tony Iommi:

The Living Dead:
Opinion: Advances in genomic research and other evolutionary & social  studies empirically suggest that the current police state (spearheaded by fbi/cia/dod/police)being formed globally actually has profound, longterm and irreversible effect on civilization by ensuring the ultimate survival of  the most violent and corrupt human beings in our culture (homicidal sociopaths), making them the dominant alpha group of the emerging homo sapien *species.
Reduce mankind to a fearful, trembling *species:
USA is THE ASSASSINATION NATION (in four parts)  by:  Seymour Hersch

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