fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

This night, 7:10 pm, an unidentified neighbor resumes setting off alarm each time I or my wife exit our home in this over 55 community in Mission Texas. Then as I walk around the block,he follows me. A few minutes later an unknown person visits my Academia.edu site as follows:

19:16 Dec 2 Mission, TX The United States Profile

Previously this year I filed 2 police reports on 2 known neighbors suspected of harassment. The fbi has a habit of recruiting thugs/assassins to help fbi threaten me by intimidation  (a crime)  especially as I documented a gunman threatening us near our home; the gunman was friend of one of the neighbors who harassed me.


Just like fbi these cowardly operatives are guilty theoretically of conspiracy to commit murder.

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