fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

American Lack Of Intelligence

Summary of some of the illegal methods and practices of fbi/cia assassins globally.

Many Americans are in the dark regarding the unlawful (and indeed murderous & criminal) covert intel operations of the fbi/cia globally, while foreigners are ironically awakening to and informing themselves of the USA sponsored atrocities around the globe.The lack of intelligence of Americans is thus partly responsible for 911 and its possible sequel because the American people ignorantly accept their leaders (in the executive offices of government) and the secret agenda that they pursue.

For example, see the following links for evidence of exotic weaponry used to maim, torture, force suicide or kill the Targets of American intel community [Note that the judges who authorize the assaults (as evidenced in the links below) on this reporter are guilty of attempted murder, felonious assaults, or subornation of these criminal offenses]:





Then consider my reports on the fbi/cia practice of eliminating their critics:


Note that combat veterans are often also destroyed or murdered by the very same government that sent them into phony wars:



I hope that the reader may use this information to help educate the American people of the hopeless leadership of the USA and of the need to stop the carnage and suffering imposed on the world by the fbi/cia and their affiliates (i.e.: mi6, mossad, etc.)

Thank you kindly.





Initiatives and Actions Realizing Peace:




OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE NEW: We the people now remove from earth all corrupt regimes such as all kings, presidents, congresses, courts and killing machines; we substitute in their places, the people of earth as one. Further, all crimnal codes are repealed and substituted with a list of civil errors or mistakes which all people can understand and honor. All prisons are abolished and are substituted with universal care centers. Capital punishment is abolished. All fbi/cia/mi6,mossad, etc., agents and operatives, informants, handlers and affiliates globally  are identified publicly by name (together with their confessions of all crimes committed or witnessed); such criminal minds are among the first to be granted access into the 'care centers.'



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