fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

I'm glad this site exists: "I don't know who would understand" without this peer group?

Tonight, I got around to viewing a movie called "A Beautiful Mind" about John Nash, a genius math god who cracked codes for The NSA long ago.

It was painful to watch the scenes when family members are absorbed and negatively effected by what appears to be "Nash's descent into Paranoid Schizophrenia". I had to turn away....thinking about "how my mother and father" interpret my erradic behavior without realizing what the cause of that behavior is and was in the past. The causitive factors is...stalking with mind control programming with DEW torture. Over time, you would expect the target's personality to suffer deframentation and what seems to be unreasonable hostility, suspicion, and hyper alertness as the target anticipates the next assault, threat, breakin, and humiliation.

(Even more stressful, is the fact that targets are not allowed to defend themselves without being arrested or incarcerated at a mental hospital...meaning, "you got to back down and avoid confrontations" or you probably won't ever have liberty without being illegally detained behind bars.
Many times....you are better using "escape and evasion" as a defence, even when breakins are used to steal private property that has literally nothing to do with any subjective, creative, terroristic scenario.)

I never could get The FBI to review my complaints showing cause that THE NSA TERRORIST SURVEILLANCE PROGRAM (using contract slobs and watch groups) is actually a well oiled COINTELPRO Machine with all the technology that money can buy. Without FBI or DOJ admitting the crimes and stalking incidents, my family thinks I'm a nutcase?

The failure of The DOJ-FBI HQ'S to admit these dispositive facts proving harassment................leaves the crime victim...........all the more victimized by the CRIMES OF SILENCE USED BY HOLDER, MUELLER, DOJ OIG, etc. I don't think that son of a bitch MUELLER REALIZES the DAMAGE THAT PUNK GETS AWAY WITH AS HE ADDS INSULT TO ALOT OF INJURY, for THE FBI'S BENEFIT.

MUELLER AND HOLDER'S self service.....is all the more deadly and psychopathic, as time and stalking incidents pile up to a critical mass. Don't you find it more than criminal, that NEVER ONCE HAS A DOJ-FBI OFFICIAL ever corroborated JULIANNE MCKINNEY'S whistleblowing in.re. "Operation Slammer" ? (which serves as the only plausible and possible investigative avenue to stop people from going postal...and FBI HQ KNOWS THAT?????????).

This site....is the only place where I know...I won't be judged negatively...since, "you all have been through it too" and know..."he is not delusional" or crazy. Nobody will admit that the secret programs....have never been disclosed or admitted by those committing stalking crimes.

I retired and shut down my blog......out of fear, it could be used against me. And it could. Anybody...who complains or posts Youtube.com videos of UFO's....is considered crazy. Anybody questions the official version of so many outrageous crimes (9/11, OK CITY, drug trafficking by the police state) is considered...crazy?

I want the DOJ-FBI to review "all persons going postal" with comparison to those people illegally targeted with secret programs. There is a correlation...that both MUELLER AND HOLDER refuse to admit...........thus, more violence for the police state to use for their advantage.

I really.....cannot imagine.....how that fat, fuck Bob Mueller...possibly lives with himself, or rationalizes his own crimes of silence, apathy and obvious PSYCHOPATHOLOGICAL SELFISHNESS.

At this point.........there are no excuses for THE FBI'S SILENCE in these affairs. Yet, no legitimate group of FBI PUSSIES, ever once did what Colleen Rowley did after 9/11: PUBLICLY BLOW THE WHISTLE ON MUELLER'S SHAMELESS COWARDICE AND CRIMINALITY to put heat on a fat, old clown punk who makes excuses about protocols and "my hands are tied".

If Mueller's hands are tied......what prevents him from litigating a WRIT OF MANDAMUS forcing the DOJ TO PROSECUTE?

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Comment by Thomas S. Bean on July 18, 2012 at 1:59pm

When I criticize the FBI, much of that is based on the fact that THE FBI is the primary law enforcement agency that has a prerogative to investige outrageous violations of civil liberties under Title 18 USC sections 241, 242, Title III, or as Interstate Stalking.  Whether of not Mueller's FBI actually put criminal referrals on US Attorney's desks...is a silent secret fact that I assume "never happened".  What can the FBI do...if US Attorneys won't prosecute any crime or constitutional tort?  What can you do when Congress rubberstamps enabling laws, to create "good faith defences" to charges that are not filed.

What can you do...when Holder is "looking forward" with Obama, who seems to be untouceable, except by the extortionists who run him down.  Don't we need to know...who runs Obama with leverage...to indict them under Treason law?  What can be said about the police state prosecutors looking the other way at School Shooters created by a military MK ULTRA PROGRAM once identified as OPERATION SLAMMER?  It's obvious that a cleansing has to be done....and it is obvious FBI WILL HAVE TO CONDUCT NO KNOCK RAIDS on the DOD and NSA and CIA and any corporate front they use.  I think Congress is complicit in TREASONOUS crimes when they passed the enabling laws that legalized COINTELPRO and OPERATION SLAMMER.  Failure to say this in public....is itself...an insidious crime of silence and amounts to Obstruction of Justice.  The Conspiracy is so broad, well funded, and ever present.......it would take extrajudicial punishment or intervention to achieve victory.  The plan seems to be FEMA Death Camps, seizing guns, and a surveillance grid with RFID chips tied to Obamacare.

Comment by Thomas S. Bean on August 10, 2012 at 3:28am
I really cannot believe these dipshitted low life's (feds) ...got away with their treasonous conspiracies to render this once great country....absolutely beyond redemption?

IT IS STUNNING to watch a modern version of NAZI GERMANY...occur in front of my stunned and disbelieving eyes?

The slide into fascism could not have happened without CONFORMITY and SELFISHNESS.

HAVE YOU NOTICED HOW STUPID herd animals are?...and how they need to use denial to avoid their own GROUP EVIL and GUILT? LOOK at how worthless the FBI SHRINKS are when they cannot fathom the idea that it's the stupid one's who have supreme confidence in themselves...and it's the FBI and US ATTORNEYS who lack INTEGRITY, FIDELITY and BRAVERY. I'VE dealt with the FBI....and they are worthless mofos who don't know it?

WHY hasn't HOLDER been shot by his own staff?????!!!!!!


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