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How we could use the Wikileaks site to denounce the government lies to the world!


Hello everyone: How we could use the Wikileaks site to denounce the government lies to the
We can send documents, email signatures, testimonials. The eyes of the world are on this site, we can not waste this opportunity.

WikiLeaks accepts classified, censored or otherwise restricted material of political, diplomatic or ethical significance. WikiLeaks does not accept rumour, opinion or other kinds of first hand reporting or material that is already publicly available.

Submitting confidential material to WikiLeaks is safe, easy and protected by law.
We have several methods, but the best for most submissions is:

Click here to securely submit a file online
(bank grade encrypted submission, no logs kept and protected under Swedish and Belgium press secrecy laws)

You can also use secure TOR network
(secure, anonymous, distributed network for maximum security)

Join our chat and we will answer any questions or problems you might have
Our chat is secure and anonymous. Visitors are protected on many layers, they can't see each other,
there is an anti-logging mechanism in place and the server forbids using any potentially dangerous commands that could reveal other user's identity.
Communication is secured with SSL encryption.

Over 100,000 articles catalyzed world-wide. Every source protected. No documents censored. All legal attacks defeated.

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