fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Global control of all humans by fbi & high tech assaults

Global control of all humans by fbi & high tech assaults

For the past 35 years I have endured the most atrocious assaults imaginable by the fbi assassins. This report reflects my recent discoveries that should be of interest to all.

For background information see my reports at the next link.


From about the year 1990 the fbi tries to discourage me from posting reports on their assaults. In about the same year the fbi began using Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW), Extremely Low Frequency Soundwaves  (ELF), microwave assaults and other exotic , deep space based weaponry against me. The purpose of the assaults is ostensibly to now prevent me from publication of fbi crimes which I document in my WRIT, “My Story In Detail” and other sites.

During the past several years, I realize that the fbi continues and expands the electronic assaults and attacks by hoodlums. Each time I visit the library fbi sends thugs to distract me. Sometimes, the fbi sends police or security guards to sneak up behind me to gain my attention. I report some of the crimes against my person, but the police do nothing because my name is referenced in Fusion Centers as a fbi Target.

Presently, the ELF attacks cause near 100 % loss of hearing and other ailments. The microwave assaults cause stomach problems and nausea, etc.

The ELF assaults also cause severe sleep deprivation preventing me from sleep all night and rendering me exhausted when I finally exit bed. This type of assault by ELF drains my energy and I am unable to walk with ease. In fact I sometimes fall because of leg and mental fatigue. Great stress also exacerbates the symptoms of coronary artery disease which fbi often mocks.

I have also learned that the fbi uses federal judges, especially federal magistrate judges to file perjurious statement by which the judge may authorize the fbi to monitor and supervise the Target. Such illegal activity by the fbi is intended to wear down resistence of the Target and to prevent him from use of computers. In my case, the fbi destroys any computer that I buy; so, I must use public computers all the time, except for use of my smart phone.

All potential Targets should be aware that the federal judge who meets with the fbi instructs the agents on exactly what is needed for the neutralization of the target. The fbi knows, for example, that the judge needs evidence of anti social behavior and a communicable disease. Violence is helpful for the judge to incarcerate the Target. See the list of diseases used by the fbi in their destruction of the Target in my report on “criminal global abuse of the global disease surveillance system”. The most common diseases are AIDS, HIV, HPV, Hepatitis C, & Herpes. When necessary the fbi sends infected  persons often from Mexico, to infect the Target. Note that my medical clearances are available online.

Regarding the federal judges, all are corrupted at will by the fbi because they all owe their continued success to fbi approval during reappointment or promotion to a higher court. The federal magistrate judges are used extensively by the fbi in order to circumvent constitutional safeguards which are recognized by many federal district court judges. I met several such judges, some of whom were local judges prior to appointment to the federal bench. They are often contacted by the fbi to harass me in court, to block me from practicing law in their courts and to slander me with their colleagues. One such judge serves now in El Paso, Texas.

The federal magistrate judges know full well that fbi silences whistleblowers and others as threats to national security. So, these judges do anything the fbi wants to this end. All other judges also know by virtue of my WRIT that the fbi thus destroys the protections in the U.S. Constitution when convenient.

Therefore, I submit that the people of the world need to order the media to publish my reports because failure to do so is tantamount to serving the murderous interests tyrants of the fbi against innocent people.

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