fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Fyi assassins continue terror campaign everywhere

fbi assassins day & night 


The saga of fbi/fmj Crimes continues. Every provocative assault and attempt on my life is directed by a criminally insane federal magistrate judges.

October 1, 2018 I tried to find a brief escape from fbi torturers & assassins.
My photo is attached.

I visited Padre Island and stayed one night at Hilton Garden Inn, South Padre Island, Texas . Upon arrival fbi immediately notified me that they are there too, by taking over my car's robotic features .

During the 24 hour stay there, even one of the front desk employees (Jennifer) expressed bewilderment at the aggressive assault by fbi thug in the lobby. This fbi murderer was animated as a full fledged assassin.

Also, another pair, man & woman team, assaulted us near the beach where the fanatical & disgraceful woman played mind games on us. She said that she is here from Indiana. This woman is a psychopath and assists fbi in efforts to kill this Target. Her male companion is a fool who also serves with her as an accomplice to attempted murder.

A third assault was performed and choreographed by an evil fbi hoodlum who mocked us in the lobby. This assassin and his associates in crime went to considerable effort to impress us with his treachery and malfeasance.

DEW &ELF attacks 24/7/365 are at times debilitating.

This post is submitted for the record.

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