fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Filthy, foul, felonious ' phrenia ' fbi

Filthy, foul, felonious 'phrenia' fbi

           Geral Sosbee 
Attacks on the mind of a Target of fbi psychopathic teams are incredible and painful for the victim to report. This essay is my effort to document part of such psychological assaults.
After my recent posts, including a description of the dozen or so moves forced on me by the fbi assassins over the past 25 years, I returned home to the following attack:
As I watched the news on tv, the fbi watched me closely during their 24/7/365, lifetime assaulting surveillance program, and the moment I turned my head away from the TV the fbi changed the channel. At first I questioned whether or not I accidentally switched stations, but then I realized that this fbi assault is like many others which play on the mind in a sinister manner. That night DEW assaults prevented me from sleep.
The depressing elements of the scene are compounded by the realization that the fbi thugs had entered my residence again, placed their cameras, etc., in my residence,  continued their 30 years of terror against me, actually watched me respond to the attack, and notified me of DEW assaults yet to come (a Pavlovian method).
(Previous assaults included DEW, bio-chem-viral attacks which are all impliedly authorized by a sociopathic federal magistrate judge probably in Brownsville, Texas. In one instance the fbi operative nurse entered the hospital where I recovered from surgery for a service connected deviated septum, and changed the doctor's instructions to read "give the patient full meals". I vomited and nearly died because I could not breathe due to a complete blockage of my nasal canals and due to the violent vomit episode which also prevented me from breathing. Another instance involved the fbi's synthetic production by chemical combination of a kidney stone in me which nearly killed me; the fbi also ensured that a sloppy doctor attend me, causing a failure to remove the stone and forcing me to flee the hospital for my life seeking another urologist.)
At about the same time of the above mentioned tv games were being played on me by the fbi, the fbi runs teams of assailants/operatives at me in the library, in the malls, movie theatres, on the streets and in the post office. The following link presents a summary of some of these assaults; note the other links to 'Committed to Healing', 'psychological operations', and a patently false medical report from a doctor who appears to be yet another fbi contact/supporter.
With reference to the fbi thugs assigned to provoke a response, one of the assassins is a female who 15 years ago pumped toxic fumes into my residence causing acute bronchitis and requiring medical attention and a change of residence (difficult as I owned the condo where the fumes were introduced). That same lunatic/psychotic for 15 years has harassed me and actually sat next to me in the library to try to provoke a response. She and other operatives are presumably recording any response. The latest assault was from a smooth operative whom I describe below in my letter to Texas HHSC; The first passage below is from the HHSC and is followed by my Texas ORA request; my inquiry into this type of fbi corruption reveals that the fbi is
responsible for forcing  the mental institutionalization of innocent and sane  individuals (this is quite the ABOMINATION ):
"Dear Mr. Sosbee,
This is to acknowledge receipt of your open records request. We will review the request and notify you within the next 10 business days concerning the availability of the information you requested. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please feel free to contact me.
Craig Purifoy
Administrative Assistant IV - Open Records
Health & Human Services Commission
(512) 487-3397"
From: Geral Sosbee [mailto:gsosbee@gmail.com] 
Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2016 11:27 AM
To: HHSC Open Records Request a href="mailto:OpenRecordsRequest@hhsc.state.tx.us">OpenRecordsRequest@hhsc.state.tx.us>
Subject: Texas Open Records Request Ref. No. OR-20160623-11314
This is an official request under the Texas Open Records Act for each and every record and piece of information,  wherever located and whenever recorded, written or verbal, within the possession/reach/control of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, The Department of State  Health Services, or any other applicable State agency relating to me, GERAL Wayne  SOSBEE,  DOB:8-30-1945.
The bases for this request are as follows:
During the month of May, 2016, a representative of your department reportedly met at the Brownsville Texas Public Library with an individual known to me to be a covert operative with the fbi.
The meeting was set up by a fbi contact with your office who then dispatched an official to meet in person with the fbi operative.
The contents of the discussion between the HHSC, or dshs and fbi operative  are known only to your official (a Caucasian female, 25-years of age) and to the fbi operative. I seek a copy of that discusdion, inter alia.
Evidence suggests the possibility of abuse by your office and by the female employee/officer of dshs at the direction of the fbi's counterintelligence agent. The underlying objective of the fbi in the matter may have been to fraudulently seek some kind of adverse civil action against me by the above mentioned operative who is in fact a professional provocateur, stalker, and thug assigned to harass me.
I have filed a police report on the very fbi operative referenced above and the report may be seen as follows:
By Brownsville, Texas 
Police Detective, 
OFFICER NAME:Eduardo Reyes 
OFFICER #:4396 
Additional data is available here:
See also at the same link above the comment entitled,  
"fbi  Sociopaths".
Thank you kindly for your cooperation in this ORA request.
Geral Sosbee 
Texas State Bar #  18855625


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