fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

fbi Special Agents 
To all fbi Special Agents, especially those with whom I worked in fbi such as "BR, PG, TCB" et al:

As you follow my reports of fbi efforts to torture & murder me and as you send your macabre hate messages to me, understand my little ones that your sick obsession with my suffering & ultimate demise punctuate your mindless  lives and your service to fbiMAFIA. 
People in generations to come will discover your cowardice and your violent character by your tracks seen around my life as a Target. Like Nazi Mengele you fools remind all of the cruel and inhumane abuse of power that you champion. 
I have experienced a full, rich life and now leave an incredible biography that none of you can duplicate, even if you could start all over. 
You will be remembered as fbi assassins & as principals & accessories to crimes against humanity; I as liberator of mankind from the murderous,  blood thirsty tyranny that you embraced and that now destroys human sensibilities everywhere. 
I take no joy in leaving this message for 'yous guys' and I pity the mean, dirty hearts and minds that you are today.
So, A few of us will go to RIP, while you must languish in the delusion that you actually accomplished something during your pathetic fbi career. I hope, however, that you do not eternally toil in the bloody river that swept you away from humanity. Perhaps you may yet awaken from the dark world of killing & torturing, and in your final moments ask for forgiveness for all your truly filthy thoughts and deeds.

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