fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

The fbi's 'purge' is discreetly happening now


The fbi deletes my reports that highlight their stalking and torture programs as a purge by assassins

I have learned that fbi deletes my reports and even my FACEBOOK page when I identify photos, videos, or names of perpetrators.  I accuse them of attempted murder and I notice that they do not like that label because they are apparent assassins engaged in the 'purge'.

The 'purge' appeals to the latent insanity of those who  join in mob activity and calumny against their Target/victim. These perpetrators of unconscionable crimes are joyous in their murder and attempted murder spree and they have the full support of the government. 
The faces of our torturers & murderers whom we sometimes identify as fbi, police, gang stalkers & neighbors. All are repulsive and reflect the often  anonymous faces of perpetrators of torture, mayhem and murder. Many of us are able to unmask these monsters and tell the world that many or even most people join in the "purge" en
  queue from fbi. Everyone who acts out against any Target anywhere is guilty of attempted murder of that Target, or murder if the Target dies from the cumulative effects of psychological & physical assaults .

Excellent report from BARBARA HARTWELL on efforts by dangerous fools to discredit our reports:


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