fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Fbi & Portland Indymedia delete my reports

Fbi and Portland Indymedia continue to delete many of my reports from that forum. Here are two deletions relating to fbi's crime spree against me and others.
I have personally endured over 3 decades multiple assaults by fbi assassins sent by fbi to murder me, or to mortally wound me.
Some such attacks include the following:
Send nurse while I lay unconscious in hospital (following surgery for service connected injury) to smother me.

Pump toxic fumes into my residence everywhere I live.
Plant bacterial infection in mouth in proximity to brain in efforts to cause brain injury.

Send assassins to assault me repeatedly from my back in order to provoke a violent reaction which in turn has deadly consequences.

Attack me for 20-30 years  with directed energy weaponry,  including microwave and extremely low frequency sound attacks which have caused serious bodily injuries and potentially deadly coronary artery disease.
Send assassins to plant bio-chem-viral agents and apparent psycho active drugs in my food which in chemical combination causes the synthetic production in vivo of a synthetic kidney stone. Then, send an incompetent doctor to pretend to address the complications associated with the stone.

Send multiple assassins online to urge final exit, while fbi hoodlums tear up my car, invade my home, commit an unending series of crimes against my person, my wife and my property and orchestrate elaborate 'gas lighting' and psychological operations against me.
Some of these crimes and many others continue at this moment and are officially authorized by federal magistrate judges and fbi chiefs everywhere I travel globally.

So, wonder not at the decadence of our society as the fbi's own assassins reveal their demonic and inhumane credo:
'Nothing is true, everything is permitted'
Reflections on fbi's unconscionable crimes

As I reflect on the past 35 years of fbi assaults on me in their efforts to hide their treasonous high crimes, I find that these groups and individuals assist the fbi in turning USA into a Nazi State:
Federal judges,  police departments across the country (See my reports on University of Texas (UT),  HSC Harlingen & San Antonio, Texas, with corrupt cops Bleier and Wilson ); See my documentaries on how RGV  city cops and city attorneys block investigation and prosecution of confessed fbi operatives who commit crimes against me.
See my report on Detective Adrian Posada, Brownsville, Texas , who unlawfully threatened me in my face and in the presence of my wife; understand the absurdity of cop Posada as he insanely instructs me to, "take the medications".

Note also my well documented reports on corrupt Senator John Cornyn, cowardly federal cop USPI KNIPFING and his retarded sidekick Texas DPS Rodriguez as they come into my home on behalf of fbi psychopaths to again threaten me.

See and hear my two podcasts with RAMOLA DHARMARAJ. Note that the fbi's extreme assaults on me 24/7/365 globally (and their use of DEW & ELF) have rendered me at time unable to fight the thugs intellectually.

See also how fbi tried to kill me on several occasions and ask how can the top cops of the nation get away with the crime spree which is unprecedented in human affairs. 

My great disappointment is also recorded  in my recollection of public  librarians and university top authorities (such as deans, presidents and a chancellor) at UT who, together with several street thugs, actually joined in crimes and piled on against me.

Just today the fbi reminds me of their contempt for me and their continuing provocative assaults on me which are ordered by psychopaths in the federal court : the fbi assassin follows me into the VA medical clinic and in close proximity invites me say or do something that the federal judge may use in his illegal efforts to silence me.

Other awful memories are attacks on me and my wife by neighborhood hoodlums who terrorize and provoke me in order to gain favor with fbi; a Mexican national was very aggressive in trying to agitate me. Apartment managers cooperated with fbi in forcing me to move due to life threatening attacks.

 A cop actually tried to kill me and my wife by pumping toxic fumes into our residence. Other cops and a Texas State Trooper fraudulently ticketed me for non extant offenses. Other police refuse to investigate burglary of my residence, even though I knew the identity of the suspect. Yet another assault on me and my wife by a drug dealer (who drove his truck toward us in efforts to frighten us) was ignored by police even though I knew his identity. 

All of these crimes and many more (such as destruction of my cars and property, terrorists invasions into my home, etc.) and life threatening attacks by bio-chem-viral agents and high tech deep space based weaponry continue to this moment.

No one in positions of power seems concerned. 

See my papers at Academia.edu for a few of my reports on corruption of law and society by the traitors of fbi. 

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