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fbi & police often team up poisoning the well (1)

I first met detective Adrian Posada, Brownsville Texas Police Department (BPD), when he came to my residence to investigate vandalism of my residence. On a different occasion I tried to file a report with Posada on vandalism of my car. 
To my great amazement Posada refused my report. * Here are some of the details of the meeting with Posada:

Detective Posada (D.P.) in apparent retaliation against me recently refused to take my and my wife’s report of vandalism, questioned my sanity and impugned my veracity, covered up the crime that I reported, made no effort to investigate the crimes (stalking and vandalism of our car), apparently began a bizarre investigation of me, intentionally and repeatedly violated the Texas Open Records laws by not revealing the data in his possession, and generally engaged in unprofessional police activities designed at least to intimidate me, or to fabricate a crime which he might then attribute to me.

On or about December 15-16, 2015, he apparently appeared at the repair shop that fixed the vandalized headlight and he investigated my activities there. Both he and the BPD presently maintain that no report exists regarding the vandalism on my car on November 20, 2015.

On Christmas Eve, Commander Henry Etheridge(BPD), called me and invited me to file the report that Posada refused to accept. I advised Etheridge that I filed the report with the Sheriff when I realized that Posada had not made an incident report and that Posada insulted me as mentioned above.

Then, on Christmas day (today) the top cammander of the BPD (James Paschal) calls me and invites me to come into police headquarters, or permit him to come to my home, to discuss this matter. I declined and suggested to him that he might first consider asking Posada about his outrageous and apparent unlawful actions against me. Meanwhile, I notify the Texas AG and the local DA of the sordid affair.

Now, I must ask why did Posada turn hostile against me, who influenced Posada to impliedly threaten me for (in his deceitful words) 'filing a false police report', and why did Posada suggest to me to 'take the medication' for paranoia. I asked BPD internal affairs officer Rolando Vasquez to inquire, but to no avail.

I believe that someone illegally and fraudulently influenced Posada to improperly respond to my request for a police report on the vandalism incident of November 20, 2015, and that Posada assumed the role of criminal investigator against me on behalf of the same person who thereby prejudiced him against me.

I suspect that the fbi is involved in the matter in a manner similar to fbi efforts to provoke me, or to fraudulently set me up for imprisonment as I have shown in the following links, two of which involve fbi and UT Police joint crimes against me on campus.

* See:

Note that both Internal Affairs officer Rolando Vasquez, and a female records clerk are witness to the tricks by Posada concerning his false statements (as shown below & as represented in the above Barbara Hartwell link). 

As we were leaving the building, I asked X for a case number so I could obtain a copy of the report; he answered, ‘just a moment’. He then went into the dispatch room to obtain a case number; when he returned, he gave me his card with a number on it. When I presented the case number to the records office a few days later, the clerk advised me that the number that I provided to her was X’s phone number, and that no record exists regarding my report of vandalism of my car on November 20, 2015.

(X in the above paragraph  refers to Detective Adrian Posada )

1) Probably the fbi and DPS/USPI fed prejudicial or poison data to Posada. See above affidavit.
"Poisoning the well (or attempting to poison the well) is a rhetorical device where adverse information about a target is preemptively presented to an audience, with the intention of discrediting or ridiculing everything that the target person is about to say. Poisoning the well can be a special case of argumentum ad hominem, and the term was first used with this sense by John Henry Newman in his work Apologia Pro Vita Sua (1864).[1] The origin of the term lies in well poisoning, an ancient wartime practice of pouring poison into sources of fresh water before an invading army, to diminish the attacking army's strength."


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