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Fbi plants illegal SEX material on phone for fraudulent sting purposes



This report is long in the making. For several years the fbi has conducted illegal and failed attempted stings in efforts to arrest me , or in their continuing attempts to prevent me from access to a computer. For evidence see parts 19, a, b, c, of My Story In Detail; also see the antics of UT library officials at Brownsville, Texas, San Antonio & Harlingen, Texas , UTHSC, where I was repeatedly insulted, assaulted and attacked by many employees of the UT including police.

On or about July 20, 2014, I opened my smart phone to a website where Clemson University was studying the synthetic kidney stone en vivo as I have tried to document in part 16  of My Story. When I clicked on the reference, a page of nude figures appeared. I then tried to exit, but all of a sudden I saw on my screen a reference to “little girls’ private parts”. I closed the site and turned off my phone. Then, a few minutes later, I came back to my phone to see the history segment where I noticed 6-8 references to the same topic. I deleted the history and reported the incident the next day to two police agencies as follows:

1) The Cameron County Sheriff’s Office ( Officer Darlene Palacios), case number 07141195. In the same report I also documented numerous assaults by an fbi operative who for ten years has harassed and stalked me.

2) On July 22, 2014, I filed a police report online (report # 14077078) on the subject of the fbi operative mentioned in item number one above. I also spoke with Detective Garcia, Employee # 4000, regarding the continuing harassment in the public library by the same fbi operative. I explained the two decades history of the fbi trying to prevent me from using any computer. Also note that the US PI and the Texas DPS police are also in receipt of my reports as per my affidavits dated 2007 and 2014 on line. Detective Garcia agreed that it appears that someone wanted to plant the unlawful material on my phone in apparent efforts to ‘set me up’.

I am grateful to both officers (Palacio and Garcia for recording my complaints as summarized above; and I am particularly appreciative that Detective Garcia studied my website and relevant evidence therein sufficiently for him to come to his initial impression regarding the attempts to ‘set up’ this ex fbi agent. Detective Garcia also inquired at the public library to see why the library officials allow harassment of Sosbee in the computer room of the facility.

Finally, all men who are targeted for destruction by the criminals inside the fbi have a distinct and serious disadvantage in trying to prove their innocence; the fbi has the motive, means, and opportunity to set up for arrest many innocent men who are targeted for imprisonment, forced suicide or selective assassination by the fbi’s own agents and operatives. As shown in many pages of my website the fbi simply obtains an abusive and patently fraudulent court order (issued by a judge in their pocket) and then proceeds to slander and assault the Target everywhere he may go. All citizens cooperate with the fbi’s court order and begin to believe that the accused must be a criminal because, after all he is under ‘investigation’.

Finally, the fbi are guilty of multiple felonies, some ongoing as I write this report, as per my affidavits  2007 and 2014 mentioned above; the civil court judge who issued the orders against me facilitates and authorizes the crimes against my person and is therefore  guilty as an accomplice to the many crimes that I have outlined over the past twenty five (25) years.  That judge (or judges)  should be jailed. The USPI and Texas DPS police are also guilty of cover ups of the crimes that I have reported directly to them in person, as per the affidavits referenced above.

2007 AFFIDAVIT: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/affidavit2007.html


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