fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

fbi on facebook enters inflammatory statement & falsely attributes same to me

On the following Facebook page appears the following entry which I did not write and which the fbi fraudulently entered for their own smear purposes:

"kill people"

I filed reports with the Brownsville, PD (shown above) and with the FCC,

398307 fbi retaliation


See also fbi efforts to fraudulently label this whistleblower as a murderer:

My additional comments on the above report:

News hidden and covered up by main street media.

Fbi repeatedly attempts by fraudulent methods to publicly portray combat vet, whistleblower, as a threat to the general public. Where is the Army and where are veterans' groups hiding while this corrupt and sinister regime engages in such chicanery. See my reports, the latest of which shows how the fbi enters the words, "kill people" online and attributes such inflammatory exhortation to geral sosbee:


Federal & State Police fraudulently descend on my home as a result of such fbi 'cointel' operations:


Doctor enters false report possibly for fbi. Then, the same doctor is hired by VA where this vet seeks medical care for service connected injuries. Thus, this vet prefers to avoid VA clinic.


Recent assault in mall by fbi operatives/mental health professionals:


July 15, 2015:


All police authorities, including the FCC refuse to investigate fbi crimes. Below is the FCC response which is followed by my original complaint to the FCC:

[FCC Complaints] Re: fbi retaliation

Important mainly because of your interaction with messages in the conversation. Click to teach Gmail this conversation is not important.

FCC consumercomplaints@fcc.gov via zendesk.com 

to me
 Please type your reply above this line -##

This ticket (#398307) has been updated.

FCC Consumer Complaints (FCC Complaints)                         

Jul 15, 11:35 AM           

    Thank you for filing a complaint with the FCC’s Consumer Help Center. Congress granted the FCC general regulatory authority over certain communications services contained in the Communications Act.   

    While we appreciate the concerns expressed in your complaint,  we regret that we are unable to take action on your complaint at this time, because the issues raised do not fall under FCC regulatory authority. 


              Jul 12, 7:51 PM           

    Background data: https://www.academia.edu/13447621/Corruption_of_Law_and_Society_By_fbi 


              Jul 12, 7:25 PM           

    Also, please note that the fbi operative also hacked into my FACEBOOK and entered the following: 


    "did you know that I am gay  

    who want's to go out with me?" 


              Jul 12, 6:28 PM           

    The fbi is regularly hacking into my Facebook and other sites to post illegal material and attributing same to me .The apparent motive is to portray me  as a public threat. Most recent false attribution to me is , "kill people." 



    Facebook fraudulent entries: 



    overview, alt links: 



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