fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

I know the fbi to be the most cowardly group of assassins,  torturers and inhumane monsters (disguised as USA employees) in our world today. 
The evil and macabre techniques used by the fbi to expand their criminal grip on the people requires the creation of a police state here and around the world.


In the following and related links I show how the fbi miscreants use gaslighting to drive their victims mad; then, another author presents more evidence of the  related topic  of psychological operations  (i.e. 'psyops) wherein the fbi is exposed as quasi demonic. I am a witness to and victim of the fbi's extreme unconscionable attacks referenced here.

Gaslighting :



Psyops and high tech torture:



In the next link I present two affidavits, dated 2007 and 2014, wherein I offer irrefutable testimony with  extensive supportive evidence (in my logs, etc.) of the MAFIA-type organization that is the fbi now.



Finally, the people here in USA cannot stop the spread of the murderous fascist empire now being forced upon people globally.



Thank you.

The fbi are psychopaths, dead in their sensibilities. 

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