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Fbi infects Targets with contagious disease

An Horrendous Threat By fbi Against Everyone 

Fbi intentionally infects some Targets with a contagious disease.

One of the most filthy fbi operations that I have ever uncovered during my 45 years of study of fbi is this one:

When the fbi or cia need to force a whistleblower (or other Target) into suicide, they infect that individual with a contagious or infectious disease. 

Then, with the assistance of federal magistrate judges (fmj) across the country these thugs of fbi and cia are ordered to place that infected Target into the God awful "Global Disease Surveillance System" to be treated as though he/she has leprosy. 

Some diseases used against Targets are:

The following is a list of deadly contagious or communicable diseases that have killed millions of people all over the world. 

•All Lower respiratory infectious diseases 
•Whooping Cough 
•Hepatitis B 

Contagious Diseases List 

The following is an alphabetical list of common as well as highly contagious diseases. This is a non exhaustive list. 
•Athlete's foot 
•Bacterial meningitis 
•Common cold 
•Conjunctivitis (Pink eye) 
•Epstein Barr virus 
•Flu (Influenza) 
•Fungal skin infections 
•Molluscum contagiosum 
•Infectious mononucleosis 
•MRSA staph infection 
•Nail fungus 
•Nongonococcal urethritis 
•Pelvic inflammatory disease 
•Plantar warts 
•Roseola infantum 
•Rubella (German measles) 
•Scarlet fever 
•Strep throat 
•Swine flu 
•Viral gastroenteritis 
•Viral laryngitis 
•Whooping cough (pertussis) 

My recent report on desperate crimes by fbi in their efforts to kill me:


My report on how the fbi and fmj destroy the life of a Target before they murder him:


My medical clearances:


This report should be investigated by Congress, but that group of cowards & traitors fear fbi and join in the overthrow of our Constitutional government. 


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