fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Fbi holds Bill of Rights in contempt

Fbi holds Bill of Rights in contempt.

Fbi corrupts most Indymedia globally and today Austin Indymedia blocks me from all efforts to report fbi unconscionable crimes.

Austin Indymedia for many years allowed me to publish. Now they block me with the following false excuse:

"The spam filter installed on this site is currently unavailable. Per site policy, we are unable to accept new submissions until that problem is resolved. Please try resubmitting the form in a couple of minutes."

The fbi intimidates Indymedia groups, or obtains court orders to shut them down. Some Indymedia such as San Francisco Bay, Ireland, Scotland et al., need no fbi interference because their violent agenda is consistent with fbi murderous activities. The three Indymedia groups made sure to insult me while blocking me from their forum.

Freedom of speech is now undermined when fbi is trying to prevent knowledgeable insiders from exposing fbi atrocities.

NYC & Chicago also cleverly obstruct my efforts to publish by preventing me from registration. Thus, any submission by me is listed as author anonymous. So, my name is not indexed and my articles are not readily available.

Other rascals on the internet are NPR ,Tower, Disqus, et al., who support fbi seem to say to me and to the world, "don't complain on our forum about fbi because we adhere to this philosophy, My country right or wrong'".


Congress assists fbi by not raising a voice against fbi interference with 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech. Even the courts ignore fbi crime spree as reported in some internet weblogs.

My work to expose fbi atrocities is patently legal. No harm be likely to result from my speech exposing fbi atrocities and no "imminent" danger is presented in my documentaries.

Only fascists, fbi supporters and cowards block me from publishing.

One group who have not yet banned me are the brave men and women at Portland Indymedia. Fbi thugs recently (just before Austin Indymedia yielded to fbi assassins) posted hateful comments on my reports at Portland Indymedia and tried to convince me to stop publishing there.

I have recently discovered that fbi deletes many of my posts at New Zealand Indymedia and LA Indymedia. 

Thank you kindly.

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