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Fbi hacks my paper at Academia.edu & deletes evidence of their threat to Induce Dementia, November 30, 2019

fbi also blocks me today from publishing the following report at Academia.edu.


I recently posted a paper at https://www.academia.edu/41065227/Global_control_of_all_humans_by_f...


While I was typing the paper at the public library, the fbi hacked into the report wherein I presented evidence of their threat to induce dementia in me for my continued writings. The fbi deleted the key data and evidence regarding the dementia threat as I typed it, but I discovered the prank later.

The evidence contained a link to another Academia.edu paper where the author indicated that a Target would be forced into oblivion by short term memory loss due to assaults with Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW), Extremely Low Frequency Soundwaves (ELF) and sleep deprivation. For the past several months I have endured extreme sleep deprivation caused by fbi’s ELF & DEW weaponry. Thus, in the present paper I intended to alert the reader of the fbi’s capability to control all humans by similar assaults. Mind control by threats and by DEW, etc. is the fbi plan.

Prior to the above referenced fbi hacking another paper at Academia.edu, the fbi hacked another paper (on American Nazism) by deleting a link and substituting a different link in the paper in order to make the paper seem to be incoherent. After the hacking of the above referenced paper on induced dementia, the fbi caused Academia.edu to remove my site at Academia.edu (a few days later Academia.edu corrected the fbi hacking problem and activated my site. Academia explained,

 “Hi Geral,

Your Academia.edu account has been unflagged. You can follow the link below to log in:

We're sorry for the trouble! Unfortunately, we get a significant number of spammers who try to abuse Academia.edu to reach their victims, and our spam-fighting systems sometimes make mistakes.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at support@academia.edu if you have any further issues.

The Academia.edu team

Meanwhile, fbi sends their thugs, Special Agents and operatives to assault & distract me evry time I enter the library. For related data see the following link for information on the ultimate weapon:


Thus, the primary purpose here is to post the fbi’s criminal & inhumane threats and efforts to cause dementia in the Target. Evidence suggests to me that, besides the sleep deprivation, I am now possibly showing signs of dementia. At the age of 74, I realize that dementia is often discovered as natural as people age. However, my symptoms appear a few weeks or months following the extreme sleep deprivation by DEW & ELF which continues today.

In reference to the dirty tricks by the fbi in their efforts to silence or assassinate me I recently wrote as follows:

Real fbi vs. False fbi

See this report and discover why most people deny the horror of the real fbi in favor of the false fbi presented almost everywhere.

Few people comprehend the depth of fbi evil, criminality, treachery, cowardice and insanity. I am one such person and my extensive documentaries tell of a world of deceit and betrayal by fbi that no one wants to believe, nor to verify.

The reality and truth of fbi corruption is cloaked behind a wall that is almost impenetrable; and behind the wall is a parallel fbi whose wickedness is opposite the popular image of fbi which media, Congress, courts et al pretend exist.

Remove that cloak to discover why I remark that USA is dead, that all Targets and prisoners (in jail & mental wards) must be freed, that fbi must be destroyed and that all fbi agents & operatives/informants/street thugs/assassins must stand trial for crimes against humanity.

See my statements on the urgent need for a new Nuremberg type trial to include so many high profile persons that our country would need reformation if such trial be held .

See my reports at the following link, if the reader dare see truth hiding just few inches behind the cloak.


Finally, I write on behalf of myself and my dear wife that the fbi has completely corrupted our neighborhood against me. The fbi sends neighbors to harass us 24/7/365 and my reports to police are ignored due to fraudulent data released to them by Fusion Centers.

Recently I documented on Twitter the fbi operative (*see photo of fbi thug below) who has an open carry license as he threatens us with this hand on his firearm for three hours and as he and the neighbor shake their fists at us. We live in an over ‘55community’ where no one performs overt & armed threats, except as I report. The police spoke with the gunman who intended by his actions to intimidate and to alarm us while he visited the neighbor. The State of Texas, DPS, refused to investigate due to fbi/Fusion Center involvement. Note, furthermore, that Facebook recently notified me that my Facebook account is disabled because I am considered to be among “dangerous individuals or organizations”.


For photos see:

Gunman visiting my neighbor close to my home.







Today fbi is

GERAL SOSBEE, FBI History Book and his website at










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