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Fbi forces Vets into suicide

                          GERAL SOSBEE 
This report from me (a Vet) presents evidence that the fbi ritually and often for sport engages in unconscionable crimes against our veterans.
The Veterans Administration (VA) recently continues an in depth study of my material on line, especially at *www.sosbeevfbi.com. Their main focus appears to be on my documentations of fbi torture, harassment, surveillance,  attempts on my life and **psychological assaults with sinister motives.
Thousands of Veterans kill themselves each year and many like me are objects of fbi/cia and possibly DOD/HHS/NIH forced suicide projects. The fbi leads the other agencies in identifying Veterans whom the fbi, for whatever reasons, determines to kill.
One method used by the fbi and the above mentioned government agencies is falsely to allege mental instability such as may be associated with TBI and PTS. See an example of this sneaky maneuver by AUSA Sara Robinson at 
The fbi is quick to falsely portray the vet as a threat to society; so,  fbi agents and operatives set out to manufacture  evidence supporting their defective proposition which is always politically motivated.  
In many instances the fbi also deprives the vet of the right to own a firearm; slowly the vet may sense that he is no longer welcome in our society. See another fbi program that  illegally and unconscionably destroys  the vet's life:
Another  technique used by the fbi to cause more stress on the vet is to hound him, poison him, send street thugs (fbi agents & operatives ) to assault & threaten him, try to discreetly kill him and pursue secret and unconstitutional civil process against him. See my reports on these topics at 
See also Gangstalkingwiki.com for information on my experiences with the fbi and their macabre culture.
See also the following site and links to reports by Cliff Huylebroeck. 
Note also dirty messages sent to me by fbi operatives online:
The fbi has over the past 30 years tried 'every trick in the book" to silence me from reporting their high crimes against the American people.  For specific data see "My Story In Detail" atwww.sosbeevfbi.com. 
See how fbi sends corrupt cops to my home to threaten me and my wife (note comment by fbi assassin,  aka James Duval):

Finally, the reader should note that the VA should take their report of the fbi's  forcing suicide on our vets directly to Congress and to the public. However, even the VA and Congress are generally corrupted or mesmerized by fear at the mere mention of fbi; so, I expect nothing will be achieved to hold the hoodlums and assassins in the fbi accountable. 
Thank you.
The murderous fbi of today was the creation of J. Edgar Hoover and his psychopathic, sadistic and traitorous buddies of about a century ago. No way is possible to clean up the filth in the fbi, but the people can demand that the fbi be dismantled, that the records be opened for public edification and that the names of all agents and operatives (together with their respective crimes) be widely publicized.
I expect that, inasmuch as murder has no statute of limitations, many fbi agents/operatives /informants/special investigators, federalmagistrate judges. al., will be tried in absentium for capital crimes and that their departed victims will receive the justice demanded by the heavens and by Providence  because  'in morte ultima veritas '. 
See also my report on mind control wherein the fbi delivers traumatic events onto their victim intended to cause emotional or neurotic reactions:
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Fbi has this message for targeted Vets:
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