fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

fbi Exercises Unconscionable Control Over Man and Space

fbi Exercises Unconscionable Control Over Man and Space.

January 19, 2019



After decades of assault, torture and attempts on my life, I conclude from rational and empirical evidence that all Targets of the fbi Counterintelligence program are victims of the biggest and most dangerous societal storm and government fraud in human history.

fbi agents and neighbors of the fbi Target ‘gang up’ in an horrendous

assault program aided by advanced technology.







The fbi, cia, et al are engaged in a global, complex and comprehensive campaign of propaganda and annihilation which are unprecedented in human affairs. The current victims/Targets are subjected to advanced technological assaults which are directed by the lowest and most criminal minds alive: the fbi, cia and their army of psychopaths. Surprisingly, the general population is a part of that army by acting as fbi operatives to harass, threaten and terrorize the fbi Target.





RAMOLA D. writes:

“…the FBI in particular is responsible for these modern-day Targeting crimes, but of course each of these other parties no doubt also play a prominent part in wrongfully watch-listing and terror-listing innocent citizens in order to secretively and unashamedly enroll them in horrific, criminal, and unethical non-consensual human subject experimentation, weapons-testing and medical and University research involving RFIDs, WBANs, medical implants, neuro-implants, neuroweapons, nanoweapons, bio-sensors, aerosols, irradiation with microwave and milliwave weapons, lasers, masers, and so on, as well as Satanic neurotechnology such as V2K, synthetic telepathy, induced dreams, pumped-in videos and images, RHIC-EDOM, EEG Heterodyning, EEG Cloning, brain computer interface

(BCI) technology, neural interface technology, and “neuro behavior modification” technology involving RF weapons, while also subjecting them to “bio-

behavioral research” involving sanctioned Psychological Operations or Psychiatric

Warfare on them.”


"DOD and Senate Intel Committee permit and turn blind eye to non-consensual bio-behavioral research using radiation and sonic weapons, nanoweapons, scalar weapons, bioweapons, DNA weapons: innocents targeted for extermination."




                                      RAMOLA D.





This author believes that our duty as humans is to expose the inhumanity that threatens the world at the direction of the USA’s intelligence community. For more background on this subject see my papers at




Of particular relevance are the following entries:

“what_would_you_do_if”, my biography, my podcasts with RAMOLA

D., and several other papers on fbi subversion of law and society with assistance of federal magistrate judges (hereinafter often referred to

as”fmj”) who, in association with fbi, is a de facto and murderous fbi operative.


See also the following two links on topic:






See Podcasts:

56,59,75 by RAMOLA D. and me.

And see “Newsbreak 12” podcast


In order for the USA to win its battle for ultimate control on earth and in outer space the fbi recognizes the mandate to severely and irrationally influence (and at times control) the minds of the population, so that no opposition be allowed to thwart the mission which is total domination of earth and space. Note that the mission is everything; rights of the people are not a priority, and failure of the mission is not an option.


See my paper on “The Issue”:




To this end the fbi and the cia, et al., control the media and convince the public that the fbi is trustworthy and must be obeyed. Anyone who lies to the fbi or interferes with fbi operations (often covert) is subject to imprisonment by order of fbi’s own fmj. Most people are eager to win favor with the fbi. I have also discovered that the fbi controls GOOGLE at will through the expertise of an ex cia agent who handles GOOGLE’s ‘federal issues.’ The Monica McLean story, for example, where I was a witness to some her lies was intentionally removed from GOOGLE’s search engine under my name.


Worse yet, the fbi employs at will thousands of citizens to harass and to victimize fbi’s Targets in order to destroy their credibility. This method of neutralization is vital to control and to achieve the mission which is world inhumane domination at any cost.

However, the forced obedience of the global public by conventional weaponry is not enough to achieve USA victory. See my report on


“World in A Box” at my site, SOSBEEvfbi.com







The fbi and the cia must also win the hearts and minds of the people through lies, control of all media and through unrelenting terrorist assaults and war. See my reports referenced herein regarding the types of high tech terrorist assaults used against unsuspecting targets who must be silenced at all costs. Remember please that the wars started by psychopaths in USA leadership positions result in the deaths of thousands of our own soldiers and perhaps a half million lives of innocent people, often reported (if at all) as collateral damage. Control of the world is well underway, using crimes against humanity as a given tool of necessity.


To this end the wrongly revered fmj is an active participant in most fbi domestic atrocities, including torture, forced suicide, false imprisonment and assassination.




A favorite technique used to silence a fbi Target is fraudulent entrapment exercises, both criminal and civil. Phony criminal stings and civil commitments are often accompanied by extreme psychological operations (including electronic and physical assaults by neighbors) which are intended to destabilize the victim and to ‘stress him out’. *Directed Energy Weaponry is also used by fbi and is unconscionable in its effects on the human being.


See also my report on the fbi’s criminal abuse of the 'global disease surveillance' system.


*Note that the fbi attacks the Target with Directed Energy Weaponry which causes sleep deprivation and many other painful and potentially deadly conditions. The Target is eventually worn down and often loses control of his own free will. See reports on crimes by Myron May and Aaron Alexis. As the Target seeks help, none is available; medical doctors falsely label the Target as delusional (see my report at part 20 of “My Story in Detail”). Sometimes the doctor becomes a fbi operative and seeks to imprison the Target. In all cases I note that the medical doctors and dentists are afraid to discuss the evidence of assaults by deep space based high tech weaponry under the control of USAF and fbi. In “My Story in Detail” I make reference to doctors who also torture me on behalf of fbi. The American Medical Association should take action to stop doctors from such crimes.


The public is eager to join with the fbi in spreading such false stories about the fbi Target. Indeed, the ignorance and barbarity of the general population are of great value to the fbi in the destruction of the lives of Targets. Under stress everywhere, the Target may finally engage in efforts escape from the torture, but that avenue is always closed. The truly insane fbi agents can also try to claim that the Target is a threat to society who must be stopped. Yet, I have proven that the fbi and doctors are often insane and must be stopped.


Finally, the plight of the fbi Targets in our society is impossible to capture in words. Only the Targets themselves may offer the sad story of immense suffering, tragedy, heartache and impending death which are imposed on Targets by the criminals in fbi, cia and their operatives and professional assassins.



I am grateful to the splendid RAMOLA D. for her contributions to this and other papers and for her editing of my draft. I also give credit to my wonderful friend, BARBARA HARTWELL, for her association with RAMOLA D and me in the production of podcasts.





Thank you and may Providence provide aid and comfort to all Targets of fbi’s inhumane and illegal operations which are fraudulently authorized by evil and ignorant federal magistrate judges across the country.


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